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Bill Doyle January 22nd, 2007 06:11 PM

Looking for set-up suggestions from the pros
I'ne had my A1 since November, but am just getting around to actually using it! Thanks to this forum, I think I have all of the accesories I need, but my first shoot comes up in a little more than week and coming from the GL-1, there's a lot of stuff on this camera that I won't have time to experiment with before I begin. I will be doing interviews with controlled lighting setups and also some factory footage with whatever lighting they have. I will be shooting in 24p, all manual. Querstions:

1. What do people use for a zebra setting? I know a lot of interview guys use 70 or 75% and get zebras on the facial highlights, but I'm not that experienced. Would 90 or 95% make more sense and then avoid all zebra lines?

2. I like the idea of one of the Cine gamma settings- recommendations for 1 or 2? One of the posters uses Gamma- Cine2, Knee- Middle, Black- Press, Pedestal- -5, Sharpness- -3 and Color Gain- +15. Another poster uses the Knee set to middle and Black on Stretch and then lowers the blacks in post to reduce gain. Can I avoid coring and NR settings for now as lonf as I have enough light? Your thoughts?

3. What about skin detail?

I'm sure there are as many suggestions as there are setting on this camera, but some general consensus for a good starting point would be appreciated.

Toenis Liivamaegi January 23rd, 2007 03:37 AM

Look at the XL2 product tour at dvcreators.net
As Canon XH A1 has quite similar controls to XL2 you can benefit from the 30 min feature tour video found at dvcreators.net it will answer more than your questions.

I saw this video after I decided to purchase A1. If I would have seen it before I would have spared few days of my life :)...

I can only imagine how much more A1s would be sold if such a video existed for it as it covers all the fundamental setups and logic behind those wonderful cameras. It would be a must-read sticky here in G1/A1 forums so no one could look back.


Michael Mann January 23rd, 2007 06:02 AM

Thanks for the link, Toenis. A good source!

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