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Brenda Drennan May 9th, 2007 01:13 PM

Using Focus FS-C with XH A1
Hi everyone,
Although having only recently bought my XH A1, I have learned a huge amount on info on it's use by constantly reading the manual and watching the Vasst DVD.
My question concerns the use of the Focus FS-C DTE with the camera. Can someone elaborate on the benefits of using this with, or in addition to tape, and are there any other alternative products that can also be used with this camera?
Thank you all, this site is a great source of help to a non professional like myself.
Brenda Drennan.

Steven Cowie May 9th, 2007 01:29 PM

I've been tempted to shell out for it but we'd need two or three of them and I'm not really convinced about the FAT32 'multiple short file capturing' method it uses to capture (which seems to be the way all of these devices) Though in fairness I supose having one corrupted file to deal with out of a bunch of good ones would be better than dealing with one single huge corrupted file of an entire shoot! At least then I could retreive the equivalent footage off the tape without too much fuss (Id never use one without tape being recorded at same time, none of them seem THAT reliable - just tempts fate)

I do like the convenience of just dumping a hard disk worth of data onto the editing suite in a oner and leaving it to transcode the lot overnight into an intermediate codec though.. (rather than have to sit around twiddling my thumbs ingesting footage one tape at a time) which is why I keep having another look at them :)

Without wanting to hijack Brendas thread Has anyone tried the NNova equivalent? (I know their removable drive unit ones are a fair chunk more expensive but I think their 40gb fixed drive version weighs in at 850 dollars or thereabouts?)

Larry Kamerman May 10th, 2007 11:17 AM

Brenda, check out this thread, especially the first entry:

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