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Brad Bonczkiewicz July 27th, 2008 04:17 PM

Unusual Color Bands
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I'm seeing yellow and blue vertical banding (yellow on left and blue on right) when shooting in darker locations such as wedding receptions. I'm using the XL2 20x lens without any attachments other than the lens hood. I've tried switching lenses, shooting with the lens cap on (for extra darkness) and the camera is still showing the color bands. The interesting thing is when I turn gain to 0, the bands disappear. I also don't see any color bands when shooting 4:3. My best guess is that it is something electronic with digital gain. I attached two screenshots with thumbnails. Has anyone else experienced this? Any thoughts on what to do next? Thanks

Daniel Paquin July 27th, 2008 08:03 PM

Question of curiosity, when you connect your camera to a TV monitor, do you still see the vertical banding?

Brad Bonczkiewicz July 27th, 2008 09:39 PM

Yes. Unfortunately I see the vertical banding when the camera is connected to the TV "live" and also during recording (both via tape and tapeless via a Firestore DTE).

Daniel Paquin July 27th, 2008 10:14 PM

Unfortunately, I do not have an answer.

Unless someone went through the same problem and knows how to fix it, you may have to bring your camera to Canon for services. Hopefully, your camera is still under warranty. If this is the case I would not hesitate one second.

I could have tought it was the cassette, but this is not the case since you see the bar with the TV live.

Your comments says that you've tried it with other lenses. However, it does not exist when shooting 4:3, I would then believe there is something wrong with the camera.

I wish I am wrong!

Good luck!

Vince Lucena August 18th, 2008 04:54 PM

Brad, did you ever find out what the issue was, I am having a similar problem but I need to do some testing..

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