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Mitch Buss July 17th, 2004 07:03 PM

Can someone please explain in Layman's terms the differences between the XL1s and the XL2? I know that the image sensor is more powerful and that but what does it all mean when it comes to the final product? How noticeable is the difference? I am going to purchase an XL1s soon and need to know whether this is an advisable thing to do. So please explain the differences. Thanks


Barry Goyette July 18th, 2004 10:22 AM


Start your journey here...


this is a blow by blow rundown of most of the new features...and I think you can glean the significance of most of them.

To answer your question though, the xl2 appears to be a significant upgrade in many respects when compared to the xl1s. Image quality gains are only one aspect of it. We should see resolution similar in the range of the PD150, gl2 when in 4:3 mode, and industry leading resolution/imagequality in 16:9. Will the difference be visible, based on everything we know.... yes. But you will not "know" unless you put them side by side.

But the xl2 appears to be an improvement in much more than image guality. Canon has rethought many aspects of this camera, and has improved areas where the xl1s was deficient, or simply outdated. It has even enhanced areas where it was still on the cutting edge--specifically lens functions and overall form factor.

Which one to buy...well, you'll be able to pick-up some barely used xl1s kits (mine for instance) for probably $1000 less than a new xl2. But if you have the dough, and want the best technology available...the xl2 should certainly be on your short list, as should the DVX100 and the PD-170.


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