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Thom Brill August 24th, 2009 03:34 AM

XL2 Lens Mount Loose
Just purchased a 2nd hand XL2 from eBay..."excellent condition" "no faults" etc, but it would appear that the lens mount on the body of the camera is loose and loose in quite a big way, it's on the bottom of the ring and it has a good 2-3mm of play.

I assume this is just not right, and not right in quite a big way? Having tested alot of everything else on the camera it all seems ok, but am i right to assume there could be all sorts of issues with the image recorded like back focus or the ccd's being out of alignment or something along that nature with quite a big wobble on the lens?

Chris Soucy August 24th, 2009 04:56 AM

Hi Thom.................
Boy, have you been sold a pup.

OK, on my XL1s, there are 6 screws holding the camera mount ring to the body.

Are they all done up tight? If not, get an appropriate set of (jewellers screw) drivers and do them up, if possible.

On the lens side, there are 5 screws holding the lens mount to the lens. Do the same to them if necessary.

If, for any reason, the necessary tightening doesn't fix the problem, you've no option but pro help in the form of Canon support.

Let us know how you go.


Thom Brill August 24th, 2009 05:01 AM

XL2 Lens Mount Loose
Aye figured as much,

Yes checked all the little screws and they are tight, the mounting is lose on the body as apposed to the lens.

Contacted the seller and told him what's what as item wasn't as described and asked him to either except return and refund or pay for a canon service and repair, as of yet i don't think he's responded.

Worse thing is, the company I work for bought it, as i thought it was the best camera on eBay currently 2nd hand, way to have the companies trust in me knocked after only 4 weeks on the job...

Chris Soucy August 24th, 2009 05:07 AM

Ooh, sh*t..........
This is not good.

What to say, but "Good Luck".


Thom Brill August 24th, 2009 05:15 AM

Thanks for the quick reply and support.

Will post any resolution i get...

Alex Pineyro August 25th, 2009 07:37 PM

Just a FYI. If you´ve paid via paypal, you are protected to certain ammount of money. Also, if you´ve paid using your credit card you also have additional protection. If this guy does not respond in three days, file a dispute on ebay and paypal.

I suffered something simmilar and got everything solved by paypal in a matter of days (maybe two weeks, I cannot recall).

Hope you can get out of this one.


Adam Heiden April 4th, 2010 06:15 PM

*Post Deleted*

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