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Marty Hudzik October 1st, 2004 12:20 PM

Question about Wide angle lens vs. adapters...
Okay. So someone please enlighten me. I have a Century Optics .6x wide angle adapter that screws onto the end of the XL series lenses. It works fine and to my eye I see no image quality loss. I haven't scrutinized the heck out of it but it seems very good. It cost me $300.00 new. It is zoom through up to 8x.

Unless there is a glaring problem with this adapter that I am unaware of why would any of you want to pay $1000 bucks (or whatever it is) for the Canon 3x Wide lens? You still need to stop and change the lens when you need to go wide and then change back when you need telephoto. It has a 3x zoom.....which is very limiting. What compells you to buy this unit over the adapter?

I am not being degrading...I honestly would like to know because if there is a feature set or a qulaity level that can be reached using the wide angle lens by Canon I would like to know. Then maybe I'd want it too. But at this moment the price of the Century Unit makes it the better deal. Unless there is a problem.

Please advise.

Barry Goyette October 1st, 2004 01:22 PM

I guess if you can't tell a difference, then there isn't a difference...I'm not sure if anyone would own both the 3x and the adapter to do a comparison, but I can say that my 3x is just as sharp as the 20x lens, so if you can say that the adapter is just as sharp, then you have yourself a deal.

The only downside I can see is that the wide angle uses of the xl2 are mostly hand held...so adding some more glass on the front of the 20x isn't going to help in the weight, balance department. The 3x is definitely smaller than the 20x...but you don't have as much of a zoom range either..so...your call, marty.


Marty Hudzik October 1st, 2004 01:32 PM

Good Point. I never thought of the "weight" issue. The 20x lens is even heavier with the adapter on it. The only drawback I can see is that it doesn't include any type of lens hood so I get lensflares from lights that are just off screen. I assume this is the nature of the beast with a wide angle adapter along with the really deep DOF shows dust or dirt on the lens more.

If you get a chance could you try shooting outside on a sunny day with the 3x Wide but leave the lens hood off? with the sun just out of frame or even well out of frame can you see if you get lensflares? Not huge ones but that look when light is bouncing around inside the lens and it kind of "diffuses" the picture.

This is not a major issue but under the right (or wrong) lighting conditions I definitely have to be careful to avoid this type of thing.


Barry Goyette October 1st, 2004 01:44 PM

Just took the 3x outside...pointed it at and around the sun...there are flares, but they are pretty minimal, nice looking...70's ski movie. The shade helps to a point. this brings up another thought...the 20x has OIS whereas the 3x doesn't...many have noted that the OIS causes "dancing" flare artifacts...so you may have to contend with this as well...I don't know if they go away when the OIS is off or not.


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