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Richard Lubash October 29th, 2004 05:02 AM

XL2 30p - XL1 frame mode question
Is there any difference between the XL1s frame mode and the 30p mode on the XL2. I'm not talking gama or look but motion. I have a bunch of XL1 & XL2 footage to cut together and was wondering if they were both the same 30p.

XL2 footage is being shot now so I don't have it here to play with and see myself.



Chris Hurd October 29th, 2004 07:45 AM

30p on the XL1 / XL1S has lower vertical resolution compared to 30p on the XL2.

30p on the XL2 comes from true progessive-scan CCD's. It's a full-resolution image.

30p on the XL1 / XL1S comes from a technology borrowed from Panasonic called "Frame Movie mode." It allows interlace CCD's to emulate the progressive-scan look. It's the same results as progressive-scan, but through different means. There is a penalty in the form of reduced vertical resolution.

The temporal motion of both methods is the same, that is the aesthetic feel is the same. The XL2 will deliver higher resolution though.

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