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Luke Renner November 8th, 2004 01:35 AM

Help with camera.
This is a LONG SHOT, I know. But I am trying to spend the better part of my life documenting the needs of humans around the world in an effort to make some improvements in their lives. It is a lonely road in many ways. Making money is not a factor. Helping people is the only criteria.

So I am trying to get my hands on a very good camera in order to do this at a quality level that is at least fitting to the legitimacy of the needs. That is to say, the poor deserve our best attention... not out worst. I am looking for an XL2. Not too frilly as far as all cameras go but not too flimsy either.

Does anyone know how I might go about obtaining such a camera at an amazingly good price? This is a non-profit venture and as such, I don't personally have lots of money to invest.

Does anyone know of a camera that is for sale or perhaps have one they would donate for a tax write off? I know this sounds really pathetic in so many ways. I suppose if you're not in my head, I must sound completely insane.

But I try anyway.
Pay it forward.

Luke Renner

Chris Hurd November 8th, 2004 07:30 AM

Hi Luke,

This type of question comes up every once in awhile. What you should do is, establish what your budget actually can be for a camcorder, and then purchase within your means. If the XL2 is beyond your budget (and it is for a lot of people), try setting your sights a bit lower to something that is more easily attainable. For example, the Canon GL2, Panasonic DVC30, Sony TRV950 are all less than half the price of an XL2 and are used in filmmaking capacities all the time. You can get excellent results with any of them -- and we've got the support forums to cover them as well. If you're willing to compromise a few of the XL2's features, then any one of several much less expensive camcorders will suffice very well for what you want to do.

Luke Renner November 8th, 2004 10:25 AM

Thanks for the easy let-down.
I am in the process of courting philathropists as well.
So far, I have raised about $3,500. I think I will keep "at it" a little longer before settling. I was simply looking for any "special discount" pricing or (with some luck) somebody going through a similar life-change.


Mathieu Ghekiere November 8th, 2004 11:48 AM

Hey, Luke, maybe you could look for a XL1S? a while ago I was sure I saw a couple used units on B&H (don't know if it's still so) for 3200 dollars, and they where in mint condition... Or an XL1?
a GL2, as someone referred to, is very okay to offcourse.

Good luck!

Rob Lohman November 9th, 2004 04:28 AM

Luke: just so you know, usually you DO require a lot of extra
gear with a camera (think (large) batteries, tripod, onboard light
perhaps [depending on the exact work you do with it] etc.), do
NOT forget about those if you don't have that yet. The support
gear is usually quite expensive as well (think at least $1000 for
a tripod for an XL1/XL2 class camera for example).

Don't want to see you spend all the money on a camera and
then forget about the other things you might need to buy. But,
you might already have some of the stuff, ofcourse.

Good luck!

Luke Renner November 9th, 2004 07:01 AM

Thanks for the thoughts.

I am aware of those things. Don't have enough money right now for all of the needed outboard gear but I am not gonna let a tripod or light kit or batteries dictate the camera that I get.

I tend to buy in "windows". When a window of opportunity opens, I take it. I try not to spread my dough thin on the assumption that it will be the last window of opportunity that I will get. Call me an optimist.

Actually, I have come from a professional background.
Check out www.firesidepictures.com for some of my work.
Humanitarian films are a far cry from million dollar shoots at Carnegie Hall.
But I find the challenge of accomplishing more with less very exciting.

Anyone can make something with a million bucks.
It's takes brains to make something from virtually nothing.

Thanks for the watchful eye though.
Great community here!

Luke Renner November 9th, 2004 07:02 AM

...by the way, I'm Buzz Kuffkey as well. :D

David Lach November 9th, 2004 10:14 AM

As far as the XL2 is concerned, I don't think you'll find a used one anywhere, I can bet my left arm on that, because the thing just came out, and it's probably far from a disapointment for anyone that owns one.

But, that bing said, one solution you might consider if you're a bit of a risk taker, is to buy a grey market XL2. You might save $1000 and even more on the regular price. Of course as far as the warrenty is concerned, you're pretty much left by yourself, as it will be void. Still, if this is the camera of choice for you and none other will do, you might consider this option. Not something anybody would normally recommand, but sometimes the ends justify the means.

But I would be very careful in this situation. Make sure you buy from a store people have good comments on, not a scam artist.

You'll see XL2s going regularly on eBay for as low as $3000 including the lens, but there's good chances those cameras are either refurbished, grey market, or the buyer will force you to buy overpriced accessories to make the balance tilt back his way after the sale.

Check it out, but with a very careful and critical eye.

Good luck!

Matthew Cherry November 9th, 2004 10:45 PM

Just a few thoughts here...

1) If you were a registered charity or non-profit, any donations made to your organization would be tax deductible, making the raising of funds significantly easier.

2) If that was not practical, pitching several charities/non-profit organizations which were already funded as to your goals might get you the funding you need.

3) There are commercial entities, which under the right circumstances might be willing to underwrite part of your mission, for the recognition.

4) Have you researched government grants?

5) If you were open to the idea, there are probably a number of faith-based organizations operating in the same areas to which you would be traveling that might be willing to help you. There might also be political/cultural organizations located here in the US with ties to the region to which you would be traveling that could provide assistance, financial and otherwise.

In any case you have to be able to pitch your idea. Good luck.


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