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Clayton Hairs December 12th, 2004 03:43 PM

av to dv conversion problems
Hi all

just wondering if anyone has been successful with converting analogue to digital via the XL2 - I've tried every combination and permitation known to man (and the manual!) and I just can't seem to get the image playing out of the VCR (either directly or indirectly from a monitor) to show on the viewfinder of the XL2 - or for that matter in the log and capture window in FCP4.1.1 that is connected via Firewire into a Powerbook G4 (1Gig RAM, sufficient storage space etc.)

I suspect the problem is that the 'supposed' in AND out function of the XL2 (both composite/coaxial and s-video) simply does not seem to be functioning - footage doesn't seem to flow IN to the camcorder in order to be converted...the settings in the VCR Setup Menu is set AV to DV: ON, I've tried turning EVERYTHING off and then on (I haven't tried turning the POWERBOOK completely off but shouldn't think that would have to be done?)

anyhow any and all comments most welcome - this function (along with the 25p) is one of the reasons I waited for the XL2 rather than go the Panasonic route....WAIL!!!!

Chris Hurd December 12th, 2004 06:52 PM

Hi Clayton, have you carefully followed the step-by-step procedure as outlined in the XL2 owner's manual?

Are you certain that your analog source material is not copy protected?

With AV - DV set to "ON" in the VCR Setup menu, this means that analog video comes in through either the RCA or S-Video jacks and goes out via FireWire. FireWire output only.

With AV - DV set to "OFF," this means that digital video comes in via FireWire and goes out through the RCA or S-Video jacks. FireWire input only. You'll see "DV IN" at the bottom right of the viewfinder in this configuration.

Clayton Hairs December 13th, 2004 05:51 AM

Hi Chris

Thanks for the reply

yes I've followed the manual very carefully about a million times...

Trying to go directly from the VCR (only SCART outputs) using the supplieed SCART PC-A10 adapter just gives no joy - no picutre in viewfinder, no picture recorded to tape (option 1) /into the POWERBOOK (option 2, seperate set-up)

In trying to go via a Sony PVM 14" monitor the problem there is with the VCR/monitor configuration, meaning that the connections needed to input on one device is not the connections available as output on the other... one (monitor) has a S-video input, the other a SCART output...so leaving no option to use the supplied SCART PC-A10 adapter since the monitor input will not accept coaxial/composite's IN - it permits only BNC or S-Video.

Leaving me with the only other option being using a regular television as a go-between the camera and the VCR in order to 'get' the correct marriage between IN/OUT connectors...trouble with this is that it's an old Hitachi Television (for which I've lost the manual) and although it has two IN/OUT points, thereby allowing me to go SCART to SCART from VCR to Television, I'm not sure if its sending signal OUT from the second SCART...I'm certainly not getting any picture in the viewfinder (option 1) or in Log & Capture in FCP (option 2) or on a tape if I just bang record...

long story, doesnt' work - need to get a NEW television with the right connectors - simple...

Ta for all your help nonetheless!

Scott Dreval July 31st, 2006 06:25 AM

Pass through 8mm to FCE

I came across this thread while researching a related problem. I followed the manual's instructions, removing my miniDV tape from the XL2 and was able to setup the cam to convert my analog 8mm footage to DV, where I got it into Final Cut Express and was able to view it in the capture window. I was not able to capture it however, because FCE couldn't find a timecode. I was able to make it work by transferring the 8mm footage onto a mini DV tape, then capturing it that way. I'm hoping there is a way to do it without the added step of having to dub my endless hours of 8mm footage onto miniDV tapes, though. Any suggestions?

Scott Dreval August 1st, 2006 10:34 AM

I think I have it figured out--I need to change a setting in FCE--thanks anyway.

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