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Richard Lubash April 25th, 2005 01:00 PM

XL2 vs 1/2" & 2/3" Chip Resolution Question
We have been using XL1 and XL1s cameras since we started our production company. About 3 years ago we purchased some Ikegamie DV7W 2/3 inch 4:3 & 16:9 cameras and 2 Pana DVC200 1/2 inch chip cameras. Since then the remaining XL1s doesn't come out of it's case nearly as much as it used to because the image resolution doesn't compare with the Ike or pana cameras. I miss using the XL1 because of it's portability and ability to get shots that don't come naturally with the larger ENG cameras.

So... my question. How does the resolution of the XL2 compare to the bigger chip cameras? We do a lot of commercials in 4:3 but also some music videos in 16:9. If anyone has had the opportunity to use the XL2 with the larger chip cameras I would very much like to hear their experiences. I'm looking for a good excuse to get an XL2 any help would be appreciated.



Rob Lohman April 26th, 2005 02:57 AM

The XL2 has a much higher resolution than the XL1S, and it is of course "true"
16:9, so that should help in that regard.

However, since you need to work with it I seriously suggest you try to rent
one for a weekend and do comparisons with your other camera's. It is the
best way to see for yourself if it is good enough or not (for what you need).

Of course the depth of field will be different between 2/3", 1/3" (XL2 in 16:9)
and 1/4" (XL2 in 4:3).

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