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Michael Padilla May 1st, 2005 02:32 AM

Shopping List Help!!
Hey all! I am a new videographer, currently doing weddings/demo comericial clips;
Here's what I got so far: 2 XL2 kits, Varizoom controllers & stabilizers, canon 3x lens.

and here are the items I am short on:

1. Know about lighting? I don't have anything, would like something soft, not too abrasive for wedding receptions etc...Also something not too costly, and preferably portable. I was looking at Canon's lighting, thinking about the 10 watt w/ battery and defusing it, also looking at Canon's little 3 watt...?

2. Are there any good Canon-like battery 945 rip offs that are inexpensive?

3. Im going to need a case/bag system, what can you recommend?

4. Lens filters (at least for protecting the canon lens)?

5. Tripod system, I was considering the manfrotto/bogen 501 head, but I have no clue about the legs?

Wishlist: fu-1000 (so awesome!!) & 16x manual; I got a chance to check these out at canon's booth at NAB! Know any good deals?

Any assistance and links would be great, I am on a super short deadline!

Rob Lohman May 1st, 2005 06:40 AM

Please take the time to look around the forum. For almost all of your questions
there is a dedicated forum with threads answering your questions. I will try
to give you some starting points for some of your points:

1) check the lighting forum, there are a couple of threads going on this subject as we speak

2) lenmar is selling pretty cheap batteries that seem to work well

3) depends on what you are doing and where your camera needs to travel. I bought a tool case from something like Home Depot myself and lined it with some foam stuff. Pretty cheap (like under $100). It's from very sturdy plastic and I can sit and stand on it. Has wheels and handle to move it around. Came with an extra tray in which I can store some tapes, batteries, cables etc. If you need to fly often etc. it may be better to look at some bags made specifically for that

4) it should not not be needed to really protect the lens unless you putting it in harms way. Other filters that may be interesting are ND filters (cut incoming light), or grad ND filters, and a polarizing filter.

5) I have no idea

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Chris, among the best in the business) and offer good prices and support.

Matthew Nayman May 1st, 2005 07:38 AM

I have the 501 head and the 525 legs. Good deal, about $700 canadian, so maybe $500 or $600 american.

I have the 945's and they are worth every cent.

If yo uare interested in protecting the lens, grab a UV filter, but make sure it is convex orelse it will rub the Canon's Convex Lens.

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