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Chris Fritsche June 22nd, 2005 10:17 AM

XL2 Brackets For Monitors, Mics, Anything!!!
I just wanted to let everyone know after a couple of months using the XL2, I quit dealing with the camera being front heavy and awkward and designed a couple of brackets to take care of all my needs and accesories. I have two more to finish up. I have a shot this weekend and next, but after that I will post some pics. I will also post the drawings if anyone is interested in making them for your camera. I know some people aren't skilled at this type of stuff, and I am not going to sell this design, because everyone should have access to this information. If I post the drawings hopefully that will keep others from buying my bracket and charging others to have one made.
If you are not mechanically talented I can have my tool shop build and send you the brackets along with the hardware. This thing is great!! It hold a wireless mic or two, a lilliput screen, (or other model) with hood, it has a second handle for a two hand hold on the camera, and I even designed in a slot for a 12V battery to power the monitor, and it is placed to balnce out the camera, I will even provide the battery number and place of purchase.
I am a mechanical CAD designer at a small custom wiring harness company. I installed some quick connects for the screen and battery and also the car charger for both. I can help those who can't help themselves. I may charge a little for my time but not much, I understand you already paid between 4-5K for the camera, so money is tight.

I am just trying to help improve an already good product.. (remember the info will be for free)

Also It will allow you to have your tripod mount plate and a monopod mount plate attached at all times so you no longer have to switch between the two.
The bracket can be removed in a few seconds and hardly adds any weight to the camera.

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