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Joe Winn December 9th, 2009 07:52 PM

XL-2 straight to DVD...to duplication.
First post so be gentle ;)

I have an XL-2 that I am using for events like Marching Band etc. Here's is what I want to do:

I'd like to record a performance and have it go straight to DVD. Take the DVD and put it in a 3 or 5 disk standalone duplicator and sell to the public on site. Recording to DVD needs to be reliable...this is paramount. I don't mind messing up a duplicated DVD but the original needs to be right.

I have seen this item:Sony | DVDirect MC10 Multi-Function DVD Recorder | VRDMC10 | B&H

Has anyone seen this before or heard good or bad? It seems nice and compact which is nice. Any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Any suggestions on Duplicators would be great. I saw this on B+H:
Microboards | QD-DVD-125 18x/48x Standalone 1:5 | QD-DVD-125

And one last thing...can anyone recommend a decent yet inexpensive shotgun mic? I hate getting the crowd noises in the video sometimes. Sometimes noise from the guys in the press box with us leaks in as well. I'm thinking a shotgun mic might do the trick.

Thanks a bunch for any help you guys can offer!

Bob Safay December 13th, 2009 09:19 AM

Joe, I have an older version of the Sony DVD recorder. It really does do what it is intended to do. It makes direct tape to dvd copies. It will allow you to pause recording so you can skip long boring shots or bad shots. It records in real time, so if you shot an hour long band recital it takes an hour to make the copy. You can then make all the copies you want. My primary use was to copy all my old VHS tapes to DVD. And for that it was just what I wanted. Bob

Don Palomaki December 16th, 2009 05:27 AM

To minimize crowd noise, get a directional mic in front of the audience, on the runnign track. Any mic positioned behind the audience will pick up a lot of audience noise.

As to which microphone, consider a single point stereo mic such as the AT8022 as a minimum. A stereo sound image is important, especially if yo intend to compete with camcorder in the hands of Joe and Jane Sixpack sitting in the stands.

However a mic at the 50 will tend to give the pit sound too much emphasis (because it is so close) so consider separate left and right mics on each 40. I've been using Shure wireless with Beta58 elements for 10+ years now with good results.

As to which direct to DVD recorder to use - I've used a Toshiba D-KR10KU in the home and at a school (but not in a commercial application) with success. And I use it to make DVD for the band after a half-time show, but it might not be fast enough finalizing a DVD for copying for you needs. In any case try before you use it in a money shoot, and run a tape for backup in the camcorders.

In this application you may eventually go to multiple camcorders (for multiple view angles) and use a live switcher

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