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Marlon Torres September 8th, 2005 09:27 PM

power dial light on permanently?
is there anyway to keep the light on the powerlight on permanently? i hate having to press the button everytime i wanna see something.

Eric Brown September 8th, 2005 10:07 PM

No. It cannot be kept on.

Marlon Torres September 8th, 2005 10:38 PM

dammit, maybe on the xl3

Chris Hurd September 9th, 2005 03:54 AM

Marlon, what exactly are you asking? The camera will stay powered up and turned on for as long as power is provided to it. If there is a tape in the camera, you'll need to set "VCR Stop" in the menu.

James Emory September 9th, 2005 04:52 AM

The amber power light should stay on continuously while the camera is powered up. I think you're talking about the display light. It can be made to stay on continuously by pressing and holding (latching) the light button for 2-3 seconds and then releasing it. To turn it off just push it again as normal. I think they should have also built in some cool blue, red or white LED lights in the underside of the carrying handle to illuminate the buttons and AE Shift dial on the top of the body.

Chris Hurd September 9th, 2005 06:02 AM

Oh, okay, the side panel light... yeah, that's described on page 9 of the owner's manual.

Marlon Torres September 9th, 2005 04:10 PM

thanks guys! you rock!

Eric Brown September 9th, 2005 05:10 PM

Oops. Sorry, Marlon. Bad info. Tried to get mine to stay lit one time and couldn't seem to do it so I assumed it didn't... age old lesson: never assume.

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