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Frederic Segard October 21st, 2005 06:42 AM

XL2 vs JVC 5100 ???
I've just been offered an amazing deal on the JVC 5100 shoulder mount camcorder with 14x fuji lens, and the JVC BR3000 VTR, Brand spankin new, still sealed in the box, from my JVC authorised vendor.

I presently have a Sony PD170. I was going for the XL2 as a second cam to get better reach at events with the 20x lens (and better shallow DoF as an added bonus). But now I am offered this deal which at first made me jump and reach for my wallet (figuratively speaking). But as with all hasty decisions, one needs to step back and measure the pros and cons.

At first glance, and very briefly, here is what I compare the two:

XL2 pros: 16x9, 24p, light compared to JVC, OIS, accessories less costly
XL2 cons: free running zoom and focus rings, no flipout LCD, not evenly balanced on the shoulder, autofocus hunts too much

JVC pros: 1/2" CCDs, true manual lens, large DV tapes, balanced when on the shoulder
JVX cons: no OIS (no biggy), accessories expensive, 14x stock lens breaths when focusing (and it's an external focus so you can't attach grad filters)

I know there's more to the pros and cons to both, but my real questions to you all are

Aside from the features, how would you compare the image quality at 60i 4:3?

And, operational-wize, how long can you last with a camcoder on the shoulder without fatigue? One is obviously heavier then the other, but one is not as well balanced... so... ???

Thanks all,

Ash Greyson October 23rd, 2005 01:24 PM

Both are great cameras, the JVC will have a more shallow DOF but you will need a special battery rig as the standard batteries are a joke. I can handhold one and keep it steady but most people struggle with the 14X Fuji without a tripod/stabilizer of some sort...

ash =o)

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