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Matthew C. Abourezk January 31st, 2006 12:13 PM

My 16x Manual Lens broke in half...
Hi all,
Just a warning, I had a 16x manual lens for my XL2. I had the camera packed in a pelican case for a job. After the job was done and I was back home, I opened the pelican case and found the 16x manual lens was split in half just ahead of the ND filter ring.

The lens was connected to the camera in shipping and the body of the camera was firmly packed in place, but there was no support under the lens (it was just floating and only supported by the camera mount). My guess is that the case took a drop in transit and since the camera body did not move and the lens was not supported in the case, it snapped under it's own weight. Upon inspecting the manufacturing of the lens where it broke, it is not surprising. Canon should be embarrassed about how they constructed this particular area of the lens. They pretty much did not follow any logical rules... the area is very weak.

Next up.... the $300 to $600 repair estimate from Canon.

Brad Simmons January 31st, 2006 02:06 PM

do you have a warranty?

Matthew C. Abourezk January 31st, 2006 02:25 PM

yup, but Canon told me that the warranty would not cover the lens snapping in half. They said that the lens clearly took a hard hit not covered as a manufacturers defect. I told them that the camera was fine, all of the other fragile components of the case were okay, just this lens.... they said I needed to pay no matter what.

Bob Safay January 31st, 2006 03:33 PM

And that is why I carry insurance on all my equipment.

Richard Alvarez January 31st, 2006 03:49 PM


I'm so sorry for your loss. I empathize with you. My first XL2 had a major circuit fry. Canon claimed I mismounted the lens, causing the fry and therefore wouldn't repair it for free. I argued... that I didn't. That the camera worked fine all day long, then suddenly died.... not on changing or mounting the lens, but no deal. I ponied up $600 bucks... they shipped it back. And two days later it died again. WITHOUT A LENS ATTACHED.

They replaced the camera (which is working just fine, thank you.) But I did not get a refund on the first repair.

Ah well.

I'm still not clear on how the lens was not supported. What size Pelican was it in? If the lens was on the camera, and there was foam under the camera, how could there not have been foam under the lens? Just can't get an image of that in my head.

For what it's worth, I always dissasemble the camera in shipping. My Pelican is packed tighter than.... whatever you consider to be tight.

Matthew C. Abourezk January 31st, 2006 03:51 PM

Hi Bob,

Yup, I carry insurance too.... Production insurance and 0 deductible policies on all of my equipment... the problem is, this would be the second claim in three years, thus my insurance would go up 12% a year. In 3.5 years I would be paying more for the insurance than what I would have paid for the lens repair directly... in addition, one more claim (3 in three years) and my insurance company drops me. Literally.

I did my research....

Net result... I still pay to get the lens fixed....

Matthew C. Abourezk January 31st, 2006 03:58 PM

Hi Richard.... bummer about you XL2 too....

In my new pelican case that I had to pack quickly on the eve of a huge shoot.... I had to remove the viewfinder and mic. The XL2 sits upright on rigid foam, then the top of the camera is clamped down by the foam on the lid. The result is that the camera has moderate cushion but is also locked into place. I had left the lens on the camera, which meant the lens is just "floating" in the air. The only place the lens touches anything is the mount on the camera....

Still, I think the lens should not have snapped in half. This is however a good compliment to the lens mount on the camera.... that thing must have taken a hell of a hit since it was supporting the entire weight of the lens..... I am not an engineer, but I can imagine that the lens mount on the camera had to sustain easily twice the tweak that the lens break-point did.

my bad. Pretty dumb in retrospect.

Mike Marriage January 31st, 2006 04:04 PM

I don't know about US law, but in the UK a product has to be fit for the purpose for which it is sold.

A professional lens should be able to withstand the odd knock. If you think the manufacture is to blame, follow it up, Canon can not just palm you off. In the UK a manufacturer CAN NOT solely decide whether the item was faulty, legal rights are designed to favour the consumer.

If you can show and prove a fault in the manufacturing process or design, they would have to replace the lens. Take photos of the problem and record EVERYTHING - ALL COMMUNICATIONS. That way, if you take it to court (do you have a small claims court in the US?) you can demonstrate how perfect and honest you are and how Canon can't organize a piss up in a brewery. If you cause them enough hassle, they will give in - a new lens costs them very little. Some determined customer complaining about their poor customer service on every forum and clogging up their customer services with a blitz of emails, letters and calls will soon cost them a lot more. It'll be a struggle, but it is worth if you think you are in the right.

Hey, just my thoughts, but I'm no lawyer.

Bob Safay January 31st, 2006 04:28 PM

Matt, sorry to hear that. I am in the same boat as I had an entire XL-1 replaced with the XL-1s a couple of years ago due to a boating accident that trashed the Canon. No deductable, insurance sent me a check to cover the new XL-1s within a few days. I sure hope I don't have to call them for a long time. Bob

Ash Greyson January 31st, 2006 05:44 PM

I am one of the only people I know who breaks down my camera after every shoot. I never ever leave a lens on, always done it this way. You have to blow dust off more and be more careful in general but the gear just travels better and in a much smaller place. I can fit the XL2 (broken down COMPLETELY), 8 filters, warm cards, screw driver, compressed air, lens cloths, stock viewfinder, stock mic, 3X Wide lens, 20X OIS lens, 16X Manual lens, Century Fish-eye, 4 extended batteries and 4 boxes of DV tapes all in the Kata Bag made for just the XL2 alone.

ash =o)

Tony Davies-Patrick February 1st, 2006 05:48 AM

For most normal shoots, I leave the XL body set up with a manual 16X Servo lens mounted on the bayonet, inside a big Katana bag - for quick and easy access and instant shooting. However, for most international flights (and I travel Worldwide each year), I remove the 16X lens and fit it snugly within the foam-cushion dividers of a LowePro Nature rucksack, tight together with a 300mm f/2.8 or 600mm f/5.6, with the 16 X lens inside a LowePro size 4 Telephoto lens case fitted to the outside of the Lowepro rucksack. The complete kit, together with other equipment fitted inside the large LowePro bag, is taken on the plane as carry-on baggage and never leaves my sight.
I know how badly baggage handlers treat cases in the hold and on their way to the luggage carrier...so try to always carry the most important equipment with me on the plane. Other equipment too large to go in the carry-on luggage - such as tripods etc, are fitted inside a large suitcase, such as a hard-sided Samson case.

Bill Zens February 7th, 2006 06:46 PM

Pack and go...

Originally Posted by Ash Greyson
I am one of the only people I know who breaks down my camera after every shoot. I never ever leave a lens on, always done it this way.... I can fit the XL2 (broken down COMPLETELY), 8 filters, warm cards, screw driver, compressed air, lens cloths, stock viewfinder, stock mic, 3X Wide lens, 20X OIS lens, 16X Manual lens, Century Fish-eye, 4 extended batteries and 4 boxes of DV tapes all in the Kata Bag made for just the XL2 alone. ...

Ash, how are you packing and cushioning the equipment? I love your idea, and will probably start travelling this way. Are you using the hard case with custom cut out foam???



Ash Greyson February 9th, 2006 01:39 AM

The case is fairly cushioned, it is a soft-case with decent padding. I ONLY take it onboard with me, never check it ever. I have a custom SKB case that was made for shipping that I sometimes use to check.

ash =o)

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