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Doug Boze February 28th, 2006 03:55 PM

Kata CCC-1: a Q about the viewfinder...
I got a Kata CCC-1 bag from B&H yesterday. Good price for a demo unit, even if it is boldly embroidered with "DV Proline" on one end and "Panasonic Ideas For Life" on the other. Well, I can pick that out.

With the attached Cavision rails and 4x4 bellows shade as well as the CH-910 dual-battery charger-holder attached, the XL-2 will fit without difficulty. It does sit with the lens tilted up slightly. The camera rests on both the tripod plate (from the TA-100, and which I attached to the rod clamp) in front and the rear of the shoulder pad in back. The mic will get slightly squished on the windscreen, but I don't use it anyway, so I removed it. Also, the batteries have to be removed before placing the camera in the bag. The french flag for the shade fits neatly into the inside pocket.

My major issue is with the XL-2 viewfinder. It sticks out farther than a typical viewfinder. I found that if I turn it straight down it doesn't get squeezed too seriously when the bag is zipped up.

If I didn't have the rails and bellows, I'm sure it would fit better by sitting lower in the bag. Has anybody a similar setup with this bag? Even though the pressure on the viewfinder is minimal, and not likely to increase, I don't like the slight flexing of the viewfinder...

Don Bloom February 28th, 2006 04:51 PM

I had the same problem with my JVC5000. I keep a receiver, battery, shotgun on the camera with the pouches and pockets filled in nicely with all the other stuff I carry but the dog gone VF just wouldn't fit without loosening it and sliding it over. Not a big deal but still. I solved that problem by getting a PortaBrace bag that has an aluminum "rest" for the VF which allows me to leave it out and protects it from nasty stuff happening to it. I know its not the answer you wanted and the CCC1 bag is a great bag but for that quirk with the VF. Guess you'll just have to re-adjust it when you put it in the bag.

Doug Boze February 28th, 2006 05:59 PM

Well, the viewfinder's already as far to the right as it can go, which isn't very far, relative to the camera body, as it is with pro cameras. Still, the tie-bar above it makes the whole shebang pretty rigid. I certainly like the ergonomics and overall design much more than the PCUB-3 I had before. I also got the Kata vertical filter pouch which neatly tucks into the outside pocket.

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