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Ashok Mansur February 27th, 2007 09:39 AM

Cine lens (Ref: RonsRail)

It's wonderfull to use 70~200 f2.8 IS, but the view finder is not clear (poor lit ) even in broad day light. In the EF manual they clearly mentioned XL lenses are better to EF lens. Do we have 40X or 80X lens in Canon video lens which can be suited to XL2 by some means.
When I was going through RonsRail.com, Noticed Canon 14.5-480 S16 Cinema Lens (Optex Mod). Can anyone elaborate more on this lens or similar lenses.
Ashok Mansur

Andrew M Astbury February 27th, 2007 11:52 AM

Ashok, I think you will struggle to find video lenses with this degree of magnification - far better to go the 35mm lens way.
The lenses Canon refer to in your manual are in fact 35mm stills lenses.

At the moment I use two Sigma prime lenses, the 300mm 2.8 and more commonly the 500mm f4.5.

The only problem especially with the 500mm is the lack of zoom to at least aid in subject aquisition - at effectively 80x mag a lot of subjects are difficult to find in the evf without the use of a targeting aid like a red dot sight.

I'm looking at the Sigma 300 - 800mm f5.6 (commonly known as the 'Sig Monster') just to give me the zoom function - with the added bonus of aiding composition and the extra mag.

The Canon lens you mentioned is not one I'm familiar with to be honest as it's a cine lens, but I'm always suspicious of optical quality in zooms, especially those that cover wide to tele ranges.

Wide is in effect 'inverted telephoto' so some where along the line there has to be a 'compromise' in the optics - but that's only in theory, and there's been a few lenses over the years that have not only 'bucked the theory' but have been absolute stunners and command very high resale values once out of production.

You say you have evf brightness problems - have you got your evf set up correctly because an f2.8 lens wide open even on a dull day should be giving you on very 'hot' image unless you are using some incredibly high shutter speed.



Andy Harding March 2nd, 2007 01:44 PM

That some lenses there Andy you do wildlife work?

Also do you use the EF adapter for the lenses? I Have a sigma as well that i use with my 20 D may start to use it with the XL2. :-)

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