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Anthony Schneider February 9th, 2008 03:34 AM

Still having trouble with custom presets
Hey guys sorry for the trouble. I am still having a problem finding the .cpf files on my camera. I loaded them onto an SD card titled "PRESET", then put the card in the H1. The camera is switched onto the card setting, then I go into menu<custom setting and I've messed with both select cp buttons, yet the files are no where to be found... Any advice? All I get are a bunch of blank presets ( 1 PRESET A, 2 PRESET B, 3 PRESET C, etc...). I'm confused!

Chris Hurd February 9th, 2008 10:16 AM

From your description, you're doing a couple of things wrong.

First make sure the camera is switched to TAPE mode, not card mode.

Second, stay out of the menu. It has nothing to do with selecting presets.

Third, with the card in the camera, press the CP Select button several times to go past the built-in preset files 1 PRESET A thru 6 PRESET F. Then the very next press of the button will automatically carry you over to the files on the memory card. You'll know when you've reached the files on the card because the "CP" icon in the viewfinder changes to a memory card.

When you see the one you want, press the CP On / Off button to turn the selected preset on (or off).

Tip: if you assign Custom Key 2 to the "CP BKWD KEY," it will work as an additional CP Select button going in reverse direction. This can make it quicker to get to files on the memory card, since it's faster to go backwards from 1 PRESET A to the nineteenth preset on the card than it is to go forwards past all of the built-in preset numbers. Hope this helps,

Dave Gosley February 11th, 2008 02:41 AM

Thanks Chris, had been wondering how to do this since I downloaded the presets too.

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