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Kyle Lapp July 10th, 2008 07:26 PM

Custom Pre Vs Fact Settings & a Sound Q
Ok guys. Here is some questions big and small. Sorry if there is crossover for the categories they should be in but its all related to my barely used XLH1...

1: I am shooting a pilot for a travel show down in Mexico/Central America. Think Travel Channel. Is there a user submitted preset you would recommend or should I go with the factory settings and tweak it in post? I am refrencing the presets that were submitted a while back like panalook and naturel-o etc. I will be shooting a lot of food, markets, people and ocean scenes. Or perhaps there are ones you would use for different scenarios. Has anyone come up with any new ones recently that really warm up a scene.

2: Feeding sound to the xlh1. I want to use two channels on the XLH1. Specifically i want use my two wireless G2 units with Cos 11 lapel mics. I want to know that i am using the correct channels on the back of the xlh1. I thought i remember reading that ch 3 and 4 dont work for that? Input please.

3: About that 6x... I have one and love it. Wondering if when im shooting with either the 20x or the 6x if i should be using a UV/lens protector or shoot without. I have heard both sides of that story but with no resolution. Cover it or leave it bare?

I would actually love to talk with someone that has used the XLH1 for this type of work. Please email me back with a phone number if that is possible.

Go easy on me. Its my first post in 2 years;)


Robert Sanders July 11th, 2008 08:17 PM

1. I think you need to at least make a preset that uses CineGamma2 with some mild Noise Reduction. I personally feel the camera is natively too orange. So I adjusted the color setting to reduce red -1 and blue +1. Or use disjecta's Panalook preset. You can download somewhere on this forum.

2. Use channels 1 and 2.

3. Cover it. Oh, and the 6x is a lovely lovely lens. I adore it. Squishy focus, but amazing optics for the price.

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