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Ian Thomas December 29th, 2006 12:32 PM

play back problem
Sorry if this has been on posts gone by but here go's

first of all the camera has done around 40 mins in Hi Def ok, and around 40 mins in SD today, the weather was cold and damp not raining i was doing a shoot for a demo that iam going to put on DVD

Got home put the tape into my playback machine and played, the tape started with what i desribed as sparkys all over the picture and the picture breaking up after a min or so and it cleared and was ok till around 35min when it started again with the sound going funny too (the playback machine heads are clean)

I rung the suppplyers of the camera who said that because of the weather conditions the tape must have been sticking to the drum and these are what you call dropouts, the camera was in the boot of my car i took it out and then sat in the car and but the tape, the man from the shop said the drum would be cold hence sticking to the tape

He said put cleaning tape in, but i already did run one before i used the camera! never had problems with my XL2 like this, any body any ideas


Marty Hudzik December 29th, 2006 01:09 PM

I bought a used H1 from a reliable member on this board in Early December. I ran a cleaning tape through the unit. I loaded a brand new Panasonic PQ tape. I took it out in 30 degree weather and shot about 10 minutes to test. at about 2 minutes into the recording session a message popped up saying that the heads were dirty and to run a head cleaner through the deck. I continued filming and when I got home and reviewed it there was a 1 minute gap in the tape. The timecode stuck at 1:50 and just diplayed a blue screen and stayed that way until around 2:50 where it started again. The rest of this tape was fine. I ran the cleaner through it again to be safe (at the same time worrying about too much cleaning). I re-recored over that 1 minute gap and it recorded fine. I ran that same tape in rec mode for an hour with no issues. I have shot about 4-5 hours on it without any additional problems.

I wonder if that whole tape sticking to the drum thing you mentioned could play into my problem as well. The camera was inside the warm car with me....but it was very cold out.....my fingers were going numb in just a few minutes. So maybe weather was a factor here.

Just adding my 2 cents. Hope you resolve it......

Ian Thomas December 29th, 2006 01:45 PM

Thanks Marty

I did not get any message and it was not that cold, its funny but i usually run the tape with the colour bars for around 15 sec's when its a new one today i forgot so you could forgive the first few sec's, but when it happens after around 40 min seems abit strange, luckly i will be to do a re-take but it does'nt fill me with much confidence and the dealer seemed to be very dissmissive got his money and now its though tity

OH can i have my old XL2 back

Anybody any help could be a wedding next and then there's no chance of a re-take

Ian Thomas December 29th, 2006 02:17 PM

just an update

I have played back the tape with the XLH1 with no problems plays the tape fine, swapped it to my little sony pc110 deck and same again dropouts in the same places bummer i didnt want to use the XLH1 as a play back deck,

Does this mean my little 110 heads are wearing i tryed cleaning again no differance

Nick Hiltgen December 29th, 2006 04:02 PM

Could mean that they are just aligned differently. I've heard that after a while tape heads go out of alignment and as a result you get drop outs when playing back footage. I'm not sure, but that sounds like it may be the issue.

Marty, still haven't gotten that original bill of sale, are you still having a focus issue?

Marty Hudzik December 29th, 2006 04:38 PM


Originally Posted by Nick Hiltgen

Marty, still haven't gotten that original bill of sale, are you still having a focus issue?


I think all is well even though the lens mount seems a little higher on one side than the other. Can you get me a snapshot of your cam for comparison? I know you said it seemed like it was the taper of the body that made the lens mount look uneven....I just have no reference to verify mine is not out of wack. I'd still like a copy of that original receipt if you can get it.


Now back on topic.......

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