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Colin Lahana July 9th, 2007 04:54 PM

Interupted Timecode
I have recently returned from a surfing trip to Samoa and am starting to edit my video captured on an H1. I am in Australia so we are on PAL. I captured most of the footage on 50i.

I am using FCP on a Macpro.

Using batch control capture I ran into many problems with the first tape with many errors , reporting "unable to find timecode" or a message to that effect. I could not understand this because at first glance the timecode at the end of the tape showed over 60 minutes (recording in SP) so assumed that there were no breaks in the timecode. (on previous cams this used to be evident because the end of the tape would read a figure lower than 60mins depending on where the break occured and the timecode had reset itself to zero).

Anyhow after some closer scrutiny I discovered that in fact there was missing timecode but the camera simply resumed counting at the end of the break and included the missing frames in the count. eg at 00:48:31:21 there was a break in the recording. Leaving the camera to run the picture resumed at 00:48:32:18. Single frame stepping through from 00:48:31:21 revealed 22 frames of unrecorded tape. I am not sure whether there are other instances where this occurs on the tape or whether there is only this one that lead to the problems capturing over the entire tape.

- why did the counter not reset itself to zero?
- is there a way to find these breaks on the camera/tape? I have tried to do an end search in the vicinity of the break but the camera does not respond.



Johan Forssblad July 11th, 2007 11:02 AM

Hi Colin,

Can't answer all of it but give you some info.

Try "Capture now" and it will make a new clip after each break. I have read here there are some problems with batch capture and this camcorder.

Unfortunately I think the "END SEARCH" is not working at all if the tape has been removed from the XL H1 after recording. I don't know why. Not too funny for them of us who collect different type of footage on different tapes ...

Hope somebody else could help you more. / Johan

Colin Lahana July 13th, 2007 11:40 PM


Thanks for the reply. I am more interested in the reason why the camera didn't reset the timecode to zero but thanks for your response anyway.



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