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Alexis Vazquez March 2nd, 2004 08:39 PM

Xl1s Companion Cam Needed
I'm in the need of another Cam, but not sure if buying another Xl1s will be a good idea (just to find out that maybe this year Canon can come up with a new cam. I wish I had the time to wait until Canon release the newest XL big brother but it comes necesary to have it by May for a three day 3 cam shooting (its not a concert... is a graduation.... the mother of all.
So, if another cam is the option what could it be: Panasonic 24p or JVC HD?

I'm also thinking about renting but still couldn't find where or who.

Any sugestions...Thanks.


Have to mention that I already own a XL1s about a year now.

Eric Foo March 2nd, 2004 10:28 PM

I've been running an XL1s and just bought an XM 2 (Pal GL2) and will get another one next week. So far its been pretty good and the fact it uses the same batteries pretty much made the decision for me.
The local dealer told me the XM2 has been discontinued so I had to order it, but I haven't heard anything about this on the net. I went ahead because I believe on buying based upon need. They'll always be something bigger, better, faster and cheaper if you wait long enough.

Interestingly enough the price on the XL1s has been reduced in Malaysia whereas the price on the XM2 is still the same.

Alexis Vazquez March 3rd, 2004 06:15 PM

Thanks Eric for your comments.

Zack Birlew March 3rd, 2004 08:41 PM

Ok, since you need a companion cam that will match well with the XL1S footage, from my current experience and knowledge, I would have to say get a GL2 or even a used GL1 with extras because if you got a JVC HD camera, the footage wouldn't match up well (HD mixed with SD =P), the Panasonic is one that I'm not too sure on because I have never seen one (physically and in action) before. Heh, Stockton isn't a very big camera town, let me tell ya. So that narrows it down to a GL2/1 or the Panasonic. Good luck with that graduation shoot with whatever camera you choose.

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