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Kyle "Doc" Mitchell June 11th, 2002 08:23 AM

Whats in your XL1S "Field Bag"?
Hey gang:

I don't know what you guys call it, but I call it a "field bag." Its my bag where I keep all the things (extra wires, tape, recording medium) that I haul around with me when I go to shoot a project in the field.

I'm wondering what you guys generally carry around with you when you go to do a shoot. I hear a lot of you carry around circular polarizer and UV filters for the XL1s lense. What else?

As far as "packing your bag" is concerned, I know a lot of it has to do with experience and what types of things you shoot (such as a wedding videographer), but I'm sure there is a lot in common between ENG, nature shooting, documentaries and weddings. Since I plan on purchasing an XL1S, I'm wondering what the people that own the camera carry with them. My XL1s will be used for making homemade movies and general shooting of family special events.

My general "Field Bag" for VHS/SVHS shooting right now contains:

+ good adhesive tape
+ extra rca wires
+ extra xlr and 1/4" cables
+ extra batteries (2 if i can get 'em)
+ extra video tape
+ tripod clamps
+ I think I have random screws and such
+ Swiss-Army knife (a BIG one) with a variety of tools
+ paper, pen, pencil, and clipboard
+ disposable camera (you never know)
+ tightly sealed water bottle
+ all-purpose rag

So, what do you guys carry? What do you guys suggest I carry for shooting a narrative movie with both exteriors/interiors?


Kyle "Doc" Mitchell

K. Forman June 11th, 2002 10:50 AM

Reflectors, a clear filter always on the lens, GOOD tape- real Gaffers tape, even though it is pricey- and a piece of white foam core poster board. I use the poster board for white balancing, and in a pinch, it can double as a soft white reflector.

Ed Smith June 11th, 2002 12:26 PM

This is what I carry, although this is expanding all the time. Sooner I'll need a larger tool box!!!

A number of Jack converters,
BNC to phono adapter,
Wired tie clip mic,
Cleaning stuff (tissue paper, cloth etc),
Phono to SCART adapter (2x for some reason!!!),
Spare battery,
Cokin filter holder and various filters for effects,
5-meter long s-video cable,
Very long 3.5mm male - female cable for extending mics,
Phono cables,
Accessory bracket,
Mains adapter and battery charger,
In-ear headphones
. Hand held light

And, an opened bag of crisps.

All the best,

Ed Smith

Dylan Couper June 11th, 2002 08:47 PM

All the gear that came with the camera, including manual (hey, you never know!)



wireless lavalier mic

lens cleaning clothes

extra miniDV tapes

The phone number of a local Canon dealer, the guy I bought the XL1 off, and (coming soon) the Canon help number.

And most importantly...

One bottle of Vodka, in case everything goes to hell.

I plan on adding a sheet of plastic and cable ties, so I can keep the camera dry if it starts to rain (which happens in Vancouver every other day), and also plan on adding an extra mic and a on camera light.

The tripod is in it's own bag, so it doesn't count I guess.

Rob Lohman June 12th, 2002 04:50 AM

I've got most of this stuff in my bag as well, but I also have
power extension cords (the ones you can roll up) , my ir remote
control, some general rope and battery charger.

Ofcourse I always bring some money and my cell phone to,
you never know what is gonna happen.

Justin Chin June 16th, 2002 03:45 AM

I've been working on my check list - so this is a great thread.

Here's what I bring if I'm providing whole shabang (does not include light kit, stands, sandbags and various camera support):

CAMERA CASE (red tape)
- XL-1
- Mini35 (attached)
- Viewfinder (attached)
- Chrosziel matte box
- Eyebrow
- Side Wings
- Chrosziel Focus System (attached)
- Focus Knobs
- 2 Canon Batteries
- Remote
- Head cleaning tape

AC CASE (blue tape)
- 4x4 Filter Case 1
- 4x4 Filter Case 2
- Firewire cable
- SVHS Cable
- Dual RCA cable
- Canon Batteries
- XL-1 AC adapter and battery module
- XL-1 Dual batter adapter and battery module
- NP1 Charger (XLR power cable, AC power cable)
- MA-100
- MA-100 Battery plate
- Grip tape (Yellow)
- Grip tape (Black)
- Focus Whip
- Canned Air w/ nozzle
- Extra Canon lithium 2025 battery
- Light Meter
- 3 Plug

AC Pouch (with belt)
- Grease Pencils (Black, Blue, Green)
- Markers
- 50 Measuring Tape
- Bulb Blower
- Lens Tissue
- Lens Cleaner
- Dry Erase Markers
- Maglight Flashlight
- Folding allen wrench (metric)
- (remote is moved to pouch at set up)

LENS CASE (yellow tape)
- Zeiss Super Speeds 25, 35, 50, 80mm
- Directors Viewfinder and Pouch
- Lens tissue

- Shotgun Mic
- Wind protector
- Pistol Grip
- Pistol Grip Mini tripod
- Shure Wireless Lav mic system
- Headphones
- Headphone extension cable
- Walkie Talkies
- Slate
- Dry Erase Markers
- 3 XLR cables
- XLR converters
- Stop watch
- Extra 9v batteries
- Extra AA batteries
- Cable converter bag
- Small MiniDV camera
- Digital Camera
- Cliff Bars

- 2 x 100 Medium
- 3 x 25 Medium
- 1 x 100 Heavy
- 2 x 15 Medium
- 1 x 10 3 Plug
- 3 Plug

- Cinefoil
- Rope
- Markers
- First Aid Kit
- Grip Tape

Tool Parachute Bag
- T handle allen (set)
- Folding allen wrench
- Plug tester
- Voltage tester
- Wire cutter/stripper
- Wire nuts
- 2 x 3 cube taps
- 5 x ground converters
- 3 x Edison converters
- 3 Bogen super clamps
- Various 5/8 pins
- Crescent wrench
- Thread Lock
- Gloves

Grip Parachute Bag
- C-47s
- Large Clips
- Small Clips

Grip Pouch (with belt)
- Gerber Multi-tool
- Tape loop
- Utility knife
- C-47s
- Gloves

Jeff Donald June 16th, 2002 07:19 PM

Things I carry not mentioned already:

Compass - I want to know where the sun will rise and set

Maps - I hate getting lost

screwdriver - short, stubby, flat blade for tight places

walkie talkie - has NOAA weather alert, I hate getting rained on or struck by lightning

18% grey card - holdover from my still photo days but I occasionally use it

and all the usual stuff already mentioned.


Mr.Cisco June 16th, 2002 09:29 PM

<<<-- Originally posted by jtdonald : Things I carry not mentioned already:

18% grey card - holdover from my still photo days but I occasionally use it

Jeff -->>>

What is a "18% grey card" ???

Rob Lohman June 17th, 2002 05:03 AM

A not totally white card that allows you to white balance your

Justin, I can see who is the professional here... Amazing list!

Kyle "Doc" Mitchell June 17th, 2002 09:03 AM


Killer "field bags" guys. One question: what is Cinefoil? I've never heard of it. The name suggests what it is, but you never know . . .


Kyle "Doc" Mitchell

Jeff Donald June 17th, 2002 05:34 PM

The 18% gray card is white on one side for white balancing and 18% gray on the other. It is a middle to darker gray that reflects 18% of the light that hits it. I use it for metering light and adjusting the exposure on the camera. Very bright scenes, very dark scenes and scenes with one predominant color (red in particular) can fool the meter in the camera and result in poorly exposed video.

In the studio I use a waveform monitor, the best way to evaluate exposure. However, in the field I don't always have that luxory and if in doubt I resort to my trusty gray card and a light meter.


Justin Chin June 17th, 2002 06:16 PM

Cinefoil is thick black coated aluminum foil. You can creatively use it to "snoot" or eliminate spill from a light.

Hagop Matossian June 24th, 2002 05:00 AM

very professional but you forgot the travel monopoly, extra large cigartette papers, ghetto blaster & CD collection, flick knife & mace, inflatable mattress, three course meal and at least $30 to bribe the local sherriff with...

you never know what can happen on a shoot, as i learned in beirut...

Kyle De Priest June 27th, 2002 12:40 AM

Hi guys,
One trick I learned from my days as a still photographer is... If you don't have an 18% gray card available to get your settings, use the palm of your hand. On the grey scale, everyone's hand is roughly 18% grey. This method has NEVER let me down. Especially when shooting human subjects.

As far as the camera bag, if you're doing weddings, don't forget to brind a hand gun for self-protection. These are BRIDES we are dealing with, right? Guys shooting films, this might come in handy with those actor-egos...

(this bit about the hand gun is meant to be a joke and is not to be taken seriously. Please do not attempt to use a hand gun to manipulate people or persons to bend to your will. They will be unable to concentrate on the task at hand and your footage will be unsatisfactory.)

Kyle "Doc" Mitchell July 11th, 2002 07:42 AM


Maybe the server crash was a blessing in disguise. I actually got some things done at work instead of viewing this wonderfully addictive website!

I believe there was a discussion about 3' reflectors on here that was useful. It is definitely an item that can be good to keep in a "field bag." I can't remember what the discussion was exactly about, but I remember wanting to reread it later. I posted a website that was good for finding them:


this one is a five in one set. It includes material for gold, grey, white reflectors on a large disc. Check it out if you're interested.


Kyle "Doc" Mitchell

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