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Kamran Sekha November 17th, 2008 07:42 PM

Cineform project major problem - please help
Hello Everyone,

I am back to this forum after a year. Someone please be kind enough to sort out a major problem for me.

Some months ago, I edited a half hour movie on Adobe Premiere Pro 2.0 using the Cineform Prospect HD preset. At that time I had a Cineform 15 day trial version. My editing on Premiere Pro was completed but I did not have time to render the project and my trial expired.

I have now downloaded the Cineform Prospect 4K trial version and have successfully been able to open the same project after so many months. Being a novice, I did not find much of a difference (for my purposes) between this expensive software and the cheaper Aspect and Prospect HD so I decided to uninstall it.

However, before I uninstalled Cineform Prospect 4K, I created a new project in Premiere Pro 2.0 but using the Sony HDV 60 pre-set (not Cineform) and imported the same project into this new blank project. Again it worked fine but on second thoughts I prefer the cheaper Prospect HD and Aspect, and will go for one of these.

Now this is where the major problem is. After uninstalling Prospect 4K, I opened both projects (the old one that was edited using the Cineform preset, and the new one that I created using the Sony HDV 60 preset) and although I am able to open these projects in Premiere Pro 2.0 WITHOUT Cineform Prospect 4K, each time I get the same error message "Missing Transition - CF Additive Dissolve". Additive Disssolve is one of the video transition effects in Premiere Pro that I used in my project.

Moreover, the whole movie is badly screwed up (presumably because it contains the CineForm compressed AVI file that I created a few months ago). I even downloaded the free Neo player so that at least I have the Cineform codec, but that doesn't solve the problem either.

I cannot risk spending so much money on buying Cineform software if after buying it, I will still have the same problem.

For now, can someone please be kind enough to let me know how I can get rid of that error message and not have a totally screwed up Cineform AVI file within the project and still use Premiere Pro 2.0 for the same project. Obviously by using the free Neo player, I do have the Cineform codec.

My aim is to downcovert my completed movie to DVD format, so I am serious about purchasing the cheaper Aspect or Prospect HD but for now I would like to salvage my project.

By the way, I tried the same thing on Premiere Pro CS3 but I still get the same error message and the screwed up Cineform AVI file.

Thanks for your cooperation.

Robert Young November 20th, 2008 12:30 AM

The transition error message shouldn't be a big problem. Apparently you used the Cineform additive dissolve (cross fade) in your original project and now that Cineform is uninstalled, the effect won't process. I would think that all you need to do is to clear all the CF effects and replace them with the Adobe PPro effects.
It's always a bit dicey to change important software in the middle of a project.

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