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Brian Standing May 12th, 2009 01:59 PM

ReWrap for Neo Scene/Vegas users?
I know that re-wrap from AVI to MOV formats is not normally included in Neo Scene, as it is in other Cineform products. Given the difficulties Vegas 9.0 users are having in using Cineform AVI files, I wonder if Cineform and Sony could get together and give Vegas / Neo Scene users free access to the rewrap-enabled HDLink as a work-around until the vfw codec issues are resolved?

Maybe some kind of 60-day demo/trial version of the full HDLink?

If I had known that these kinds of problems would arise, I certainly would have ordered the MOV version of Neo Scene rather than the AVI version.

Jay Bloomfield May 12th, 2009 03:08 PM

Let me give you some alternatives. First MPEG StreamClip (freeware) will reencode CFHD from AVI to MOV:

Squared 5 - MPEG Streamclip video converter for Windows XP/Vista

Second, if you upgrade the QT Player to the Pro version ($29.99 US), it will also reencode CFHD AVI to MOV:

Apple - QuickTime - QuickTime Pro

One option is free and the other costs only a nominal amount. Unfortunately they do not rewrap, but rather create a second generation, so there is a tiny amount of information loss. But this is Cineform, we're talking about, so I doubt anyone can see it. Recoding is slower than rewrapping, which only involves changing the file header from AVI format to MOV format. Personally I would try MPEG StreamClip first and see whether it suits your needs until Vegas 9 is patched.

Jay Bloomfield May 12th, 2009 05:20 PM


Originally Posted by Brian Standing (Post 1142007)
...If I had known that these kinds of problems would arise, I certainly would have ordered the MOV version of Neo Scene rather than the AVI version.

I should have read your post a bit more carefully. There is no point in using a MOV file, unless you are wedded to the 64 bit versions of Vegas. There is nothing to be gained by using MOV files in the 32 bit versions.

Marko Hocevar August 14th, 2009 07:45 AM

free avi 2 mov re-wrapping
Hi Brian,

It's probably to late and You already figured out a working workflow but maybe this solution is better and it might help somebody else. I'm also in a need for the avi to mov re-wrapper as the Neo Scene has that limitation and Sorenson Squeeze is unstable with avi files. At least CFHD avi files - I didn't test any other avi files. Anyway, the original suggestion to use MPEG streamclip from Squared 5 is the perfect solution. It is a free program, 1 MB in size and it even doesn't have an installer.
The re-wrapping part is very simple but highly unintuitive.

Procedure for the avi to mov re-wrap is:
Open the CineForm HD avi file in MPEG streamclip.
Then do "File->Save as" and set the "Save as type" to mov
And that's it :) re-wrapping is done.

I tested it out on a 1 GB file to check the time needed to do the re-wrap. It is considerably faster then exporting option when the re-encoding happens.
I know it's my first post so why believe me - I hope someone can test it out for himself and confirm this.

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