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Simon Zimmer May 30th, 2009 05:31 AM

HMC-150 and Prospect HD?
Anyone using the combination of the HMC-150 and Prospect HD to do their video editing.

I may upgrade from hv20 to HMC-150. The tapeless camcorder sounds like a dream. I hear AVCHD is not fun to edit but I own Prospect HD and have a powerful new workstation from HP (z600).

Would love to hear some feedback on editing AVCHD with Prospect HD?

And how is the workflow for an AVCHD camcorder with Prospect HD? I looked at the cineform website. Seems like I just transcode the AVCHD with HDlink. Is that right?



Glenn Babcock May 30th, 2009 08:30 AM


I have a Sony SDR-HR5 I use as a third camera. It's AVCHD on hard disk.

Pros: Long running times, no tapes (just let it run!), small, HD
Cons: No tapes (must create master archives as a separate step), AVCHD format is horrible to edit

On CS3, I was using the MainConcept plug-in, which gave decent results. However, on CS4 I found native PP AVCHD was not nearly as good.

Now I'm using CF and it's better than ever. Your right, you just copy the files to your hard disk with your camera's software then use HDLink to convert them. File sizes will increase a lot, about 6.5x on my latest project. Edits are just like any other CF HD source.

I can't really speak to the image quality, since my little Sony is not in the same league as my Canon's (XL-H1, XA-H1).


Simon Zimmer May 30th, 2009 08:47 AM

So you like Canon huh?

I was looking at the Canon XH A1 too.

What are quick pros and cons of that one?

Not familiar with the XL-H1. How do you like that one?

You seem to have a lot of experience with pro camcorders. If you had 3500 bucks. What would you get right now?



Glenn Babcock May 30th, 2009 09:14 AM


I'd get a XH A1S. I'm a certified Canon bigot, since they've always supported me well on both still and video cameras.

The A1S has the same sensors, engine and lens as the XL-series, only the lens is not removable. It has most of the same settings as the XL, but some are in menus where the XL has more controls on the body. With the stock lens, the image quality is the same across the whole XH/XL line.

Pros: Great image quality, great lens, image stabilization, light weight, many video modes, frame rates and settings, dedicated iris ring, built-in ND filters, 2 XLR inputs with phantom power, good LCD
Cons: 1440x1080 max (no 1920), awkward to hand-hold, focus ring too sensitive (though it's better on the "S" model)

I started with the XH, then got a deal on a used XL. The XL has uncompressed HD-SDI output, Genlock and Time Code. It's also a shoulder-mount design that's much better for hand-helds.

However, most of my stuff is shot from tripods with Bogen-Manfrotto 503HDV heads. The XH and XL give identical results.

Depending on what you shoot, you might also consider a 5D Mark II. I just got mine, and Wow! But remember that it's a still camera that also does video, so the video features are very limited. The quality is just amazing, 1920x1080 with a full-frame sensor, uses all of my Canon still camera glass. The low-light and shallow DOF capabilities are everything they say. I'm starting to dabble around with producing Indie films and this camera will be great for certain shots.


Simon Zimmer May 30th, 2009 09:36 AM


Thanks for taking the time to give me a review.

I will check it all out.

I was looking at the Sony HDR-FX1000 but I did not like the rolling shutter when doing a quick pan.

I still like the HMC-150 but I have the hv20 right now and love Canon too.

Thanks again,


Simon Zimmer May 31st, 2009 02:50 PM

5D Mark II!
Holy sh*t!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Canon Digital Learning Center - Sample EOS 5D Mark II Video: Voyage

I am in shock!


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