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Luis Otero December 11th, 2005 06:09 PM

CU-VH1US and AspectHD 3.4 Issue

I have been able to use the VH1 to acquire and print to tape using Cineform Aspect HD. However, since I upgraded to 3.4 I am experiencing 2 new issues:

1. Even though the footage is 24P, the VH1 is reading it as 30P. In the acquired file it says 23.976, but the timecode shown in Premiere capturing tool and in the spooler goes to 30, not to 24...???
2. During acquisition, there are sporadic severe milticolor macro-blocking throughtout the file, regardless if I get it throught Premiere F5 option, or HDLink...??? When I re-play the tape using the HD100 there are no macro-blockings! Any problems in the encoding part of the process?

Any pointers?


Luis Otero

David Newman December 11th, 2005 06:41 PM

We tested 3.4 using a VH1 and it is still supported. The timecode reported by Premiere's capture iterface is often wrong (we have little control over that field), as long as the file is marked as 23.976 with the correct timecode you should have no issue. When capturing form the 100U is work but not from the VH1? We tested both only a couple of days ago, so I have no suggestions, although I doubt 3.4 changes will impact that old deck's functionality (other than is a positive way.)

Luis Otero December 12th, 2005 09:49 PM


Thanks for your prompt response! I can understand the technical part of the timecode. I am OK with it; the only "issue" will be for batch capturing since you are setting the "In" and "Out" points in a timecode that are based on a different setting (30P vs 24P). This may create an issue if you decide to use the camera/BR deck later on for the final batch capturing...Just a thought.

But, my main issue is with the sporadic multicolor macro blocking seen in the captured files, but not observed using the camera as the VTR. For me that is a biggie one. Any pointers?

Thanks for your support,

Luis Otero

David Newman December 12th, 2005 10:23 PM

I can only guess as it doesn't happen with our CU-VH1US (so that is not the problem) and your PC is capturing from HD100U fine (so firewire is not the problem.) Will the deck capture old 30p footage okay? Maybe the CU-VH1US is simply have alignment problems playing back the HD100U tapes. Try send 24p data to the deck to see if it can read that back.

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