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Mark Duckworth September 13th, 2006 10:02 AM

Vegas 7 Crashes with Cineform playback
Just loaded up Vegas 7. I was was in the process of transfering some presets to V7 by opening up old projects from V6. I played one of the clips from a project, set it to loop, (about 10 seconds long, 720 24p) and it played fine the first time through, but on the second time the frame rate dropped and it started to stutter, and then dropped again and stuttered more and then on the 4th loop failed completely and I got an error message. Tried different types of files wmv, mov,avi, mp4. They are all fine. closed down V7. Opened it up again as a new project. Dropped a clip in. Same thing. Started up V6. No problems clip plays fine. This is the error message I get:

Sony Vegas 7.0
Version 7.0a (Build 115)
Exception 0xE06D7363 (Unknown Type) IP:0x7C812A5B
In Module 'kernel32.dll' at Address 0x7C800000 + 0x12A5B
Thread: VideoRender ID=0xB9C Stack=0x8B2D000-0x8B30000
EAX=08b2ddcc CS=001b EIP=7c812a5b EFLGS=00000206
EBX=00000000 SS=0023 ESP=08b2ddc8 EBP=08b2de1c
ECX=00000000 DS=0023 ESI=08b2de5c FS=003b
EDX=08f00608 ES=0023 EDI=08b2de5c GS=0000
Bytes at CS:EIP:
7C812A5B: 5E C9 C2 10 00 85 FF 0F ^.......
7C812A63: 8E 36 93 FF FF 8B 55 FC .6....U.
Stack Dump:
08B2DDC8: 09C1A8A8 09BC0000 + 5A8A8 (CFHD.DLL)
08B2DDCC: E06D7363
08B2DDD0: 00000001
08B2DDD4: 00000000
08B2DDD8: 7C812A5B 7C800000 + 12A5B (kernel32.dll)
08B2DDDC: 00000003
08B2DDE0: 19930520 18000000 + 1930520
08B2DDE4: 08B2DE6C 08A30000 + FDE6C
08B2DDE8: 09C1B960 09BC0000 + 5B960 (CFHD.DLL)
08B2DDEC: 00000000
08B2DDF0: 00000000
08B2DDF4: 00000000
08B2DDF8: 00000000
08B2DDFC: 08F00178 08F00000 + 178
08B2DE00: 0003A678 00030000 + A678
08B2DE04: 7F01CC00 7D1E0000 + 1E3CC00
> 08B2DE10: 09C810DC 09BC0000 + C10DC (CFHD.DLL)
08B2DE14: 08B2DE50 08A30000 + FDE50
> 08B2DE18: 7C90EE18 7C900000 + EE18 (ntdll.dll)
08B2DE1C: 08B2DE5C 08A30000 + FDE5C
> 08B2DE20: 09BFCFB0 09BC0000 + 3CFB0 (CFHD.DLL)
08B2DE24: E06D7363
08B2DE28: 00000001
08B2DE2C: 00000003
08B2DE30: 08B2DE50 08A30000 + FDE50
> 08B2DE58: 09C1B960 09BC0000 + 5B960 (CFHD.DLL)
08B2DE5C: 08B2DE70 08A30000 + FDE70
> 08B2DE60: 09C09BE9 09BC0000 + 49BE9 (CFHD.DLL)
- - -
08B2FFF0: 00000000
08B2FFF4: 00590EC0 00400000 + 190EC0 (vegas70.exe)
08B2FFF8: 01D32E48 01C60000 + D2E48
08B2FFFC: 00000000

Any thoughts? I used different clips and and tested each in V6 and V7. All the clips were encoded in v2.5. No problems in V6. Every clip made V7 crash.

Any help is appreciated.

Thank you

David Newman September 13th, 2006 10:24 AM

Try the new beta version of Connect HD, as this is not been reported elsewhere. Sony said there have extensively test CineForm Intermediate with Vegas 7.

Mark Duckworth September 13th, 2006 10:48 AM

Sorry. Updated. Crashed again. Plays rock solid in V6. It plays it better if you dont loop it but it crashes on the seventh or eighth time instead of the fourth. Got the error message again:
Sony Vegas 7.0
Version 7.0a (Build 115)
Exception 0xE06D7363 (Unknown Type) IP:0x7C812A5B
In Module 'kernel32.dll' at Address 0x7C800000 + 0x12A5B
Thread: VideoRender ID=0x1F0 Stack=0x8B1D000-0x8B20000
EAX=08b1dd90 CS=001b EIP=7c812a5b EFLGS=00000206
EBX=000002d0 SS=0023 ESP=08b1dd8c EBP=08b1dde0
ECX=00000000 DS=0023 ESI=08b1de20 FS=003b
EDX=090a0608 ES=0023 EDI=08b1de20 GS=0000
Bytes at CS:EIP:
7C812A5B: 5E C9 C2 10 00 85 FF 0F ^.......
7C812A63: 8E 36 93 FF FF 8B 55 FC .6....U.
Stack Dump:
08B1DD8C: 0A696ED8 0A620000 + 76ED8 (CFHD.DLL)
08B1DD90: E06D7363
08B1DD94: 00000001
08B1DD98: 00000000
08B1DD9C: 7C812A5B 7C800000 + 12A5B (kernel32.dll)
08B1DDA0: 00000003
08B1DDA4: 19930520 140B0000 + 5880520
08B1DDA8: 08B1DE30 08A20000 + FDE30
08B1DDAC: 0A697F90 0A620000 + 77F90 (CFHD.DLL)
08B1DDB0: 00000000
08B1DDB4: 00000000
08B1DDB8: 00000000
08B1DDBC: 00000000
08B1DDC0: 090A0178 090A0000 + 178
08B1DDC4: 0003A688 00030000 + A688
08B1DDC8: 7F01CC00 7E6A0000 + 97CC00
> 08B1DDD4: 0A6FD0DC 0A620000 + DD0DC (CFHD.DLL)
08B1DDD8: 08B1DE14 08A20000 + FDE14
> 08B1DDDC: 7C90EE18 7C900000 + EE18 (ntdll.dll)
08B1DDE0: 08B1DE20 08A20000 + FDE20
> 08B1DDE4: 0A678890 0A620000 + 58890 (CFHD.DLL)
08B1DDE8: E06D7363
08B1DDEC: 00000001
08B1DDF0: 00000003
08B1DDF4: 08B1DE14 08A20000 + FDE14
> 08B1DE1C: 0A697F90 0A620000 + 77F90 (CFHD.DLL)
08B1DE20: 08B1DE34 08A20000 + FDE34
> 08B1DE24: 0A6854B5 0A620000 + 654B5 (CFHD.DLL)
- - -
08B1FFF0: 00000000
08B1FFF4: 00590EC0 00400000 + 190EC0 (vegas70.exe)
08B1FFF8: 01D32E48 01C60000 + D2E48
08B1FFFC: 00000000

Its late here now so i will check the thread in the morning.

Thank you for your reply David.

David Newman September 13th, 2006 10:55 AM

In future no dumps, they are not helpful. Please focus on the description. Did you try the new version? Have you report this to Sony?

Jay Hancock September 13th, 2006 04:21 PM

When you installed the beta and/or update of Connect HD, did you first uninstall the existing one? And when you uninstalled, did you tell it to also remove the VFW codec?

Mark Duckworth September 13th, 2006 06:32 PM

Yes, I updated to the beta and tried again. I didnt uninstall the old connect hd I just updated by opening the packager like have done with the last 4 versions of CHD. I submitted this to sony from the mediasoft tech page. Im sure I will get an answer back before my birthday. As I said before I put a clip into the time line, set it to loop and it fails and crashes Vegas 7 around the 7th or 8th time through (it failed on the 4th or 5th time through with the prior v3.04 of CHD installed) , Vegas 6 is fine. Sorry about the dumps but usually thats the first thing i get asked for. Thank you for your time.

Mark Duckworth September 14th, 2006 03:38 AM

Okay I did some more testing:

On a fresh install of Vegas 7.0a (build 115) on default settings using a
10 second test clip (created September 14, 2006, 5:49:22 PM +9 GMT) rendered in Vegas 6.0d (Cineform Intermediate v2.7) at 1280 x 720 24fps, consisting of Vegas generated media (SMTPE Bars fading to Grayscale fading to sample text on blue background) set to loop playback causes Vegas 7.0a to crash around the 22nd to 25th loop (test performed 3 times). The crashes are preceded by 3 to 4 cycles of dropped frames and stuttering before failure. However, using other Cineform clips of greater lengths and more motion causes Vegas 7.0a to crash even earlier in the loop cycle. Setting the same 10 second test clip to loop playback in Vegas 6.0d (default settings), I observed 100 loop cycles with no dropped frames, no stutter, and no crashes. Other Cineform clips (previously tested in Vegas 7.0a) of greater lengths and more motion exibited the same level of performance perfection as found in the 10 second test clip when played using Vegas 6.0d. As backup test, the same 10 second test clip rendered into a .wmv and .mov file played flawlessly on both Vegas 7.0 and 6.0 for a 100 loop cycles. The testing was conducted with Vegas 6.0d, Vegas 7.0a and Cineform Connect HD 3.2 installed and all 3 were freshly installed with no prior version existing and all registry's were cleaned, relevant harddrives defragged before they were installed. The computer was rebooted before performing the tests and the operating system is Windows XP with Service Pack 2.

Is there anything else that I can do to help try and give a better idea of the problem and help solve it?

Any thoughts are appreciated.

Thank you in advance.

Jay Hancock September 14th, 2006 01:55 PM

FYI, the Cineform CTO has said in various posts that whenever you install a new version of HD Connect, you should always uninstall the previous version. He says that saying "yes" for uninstalling the vfw codec, though not required, is also a good idea.

I know in your last posting you said you started fresh, so this isn't your issue, but for future reference you probably want to follow Cineform's advice on that one. (Hopefully in the future their installer package will do all this for us by initiating an uninstall before allowing the install...)

Mark Duckworth September 15th, 2006 07:37 PM

Solved (I hope)
I will just post the answer I got from Cineform in case anyone else has questions:

Hi Mark,

Thanks for the details. We've noticed that Sony has changed the way in which it handles CF intermediate files. Basically they made us somewhat incompatible. Which is strange considering Vegas 7 comes with a version of our codec. Anyway, our programmers are currently looking into fixing this problem so that we will be 100% compatible with Vegas 7. Check the website for updates to Connect HD.

David Newman September 15th, 2006 07:40 PM

Here is a new beta that at addresses crashing on the systems I have tried. http://www.cineform.com/downloads/Co...320b28beta.zip

Mark Duckworth September 15th, 2006 08:33 PM

Did some testing again. The updated beta works well (100 loops, no crashes). However I noticed that the cinform clips still run better in Vegas 6.0d than Vegas 7.0a. The cineform clip (still the same 10 second test clip as before) runs at a rock solid 24fps in 6.0d but the same clip will stutter down to 23 or 22 fps once in a loop (usually at the beginning of a loop cycle) in Vegas 7.0a. I dont mean to pick nits but I just thought you should know. I love the codec and I use it all the time and the refinements you come up with to the product are greatly appreciated, as is taking the time to answer questions on this forum.

Thank you for your help and I look forward to the full release of 3.2

David Newman September 15th, 2006 09:09 PM

Yes we are aware that Vegas 7 is a little slower in the way it uses VfW vs Vegas 6. We intend to learn why and fix it (with Sony's help.)

Thanks for your 1000 loop test. It is a great report.

Mark Duckworth September 16th, 2006 02:17 AM

David, just a quick question. Does this mean the speed issue and the compatibility issue will be included in the final Connect HD 3.2 or will the speed issue be resolved in a Sony Vegas 7.0 update?

David Newman September 16th, 2006 09:06 AM

Maybe both or either. Vegas 7 does a lot of extra (extraineous) accesses to the codec than does Vegas 6, we will see if this can be limited somehow.

Robert Hruska November 11th, 2008 03:09 AM

OK, I've got this errant "Cineform Codec" problem too, but I can't disable the version of CFHD.dll that came with Sony Vegas 7 because it's not there. There is no file called "CFHD.dll". So where is it getting this? That file does not exist on my computer, period.

Just to clarify what my problem is: Whenever I render from Vegas with the Cineform codec, the video will not play in some of my apps. Also, the video is all screwy in After Effects CS3.

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