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Ronan Fournier March 12th, 2010 09:57 AM

Sony HDR-CX550 + NanoFlash: it rocks!
Guys I'm so happy to see the great picture the Nano offers with this new small and cheap camcorder ($1200), I have to tell it to somebody!
I mainly use the Nano with the Canon XL-H1, but for specific uses (underwater, night time, crane), I tried also the Canon HV20 connected through its HDMI output. I just bough the new Sony CX-550 to replace the HV20, because this camcorder offers a wilder angle (30mm-like in 24x36) and is really much more sensitive without ading too much noise. I was a bit anxious to see if the Nano would accept the HDMI 1080i output of the CX550, but it succeeds pretty well!
It's so great to have such image quality in darkness for the price of a consumer camcorder + the Nano, so thanks again CD!
I have to test that further but it sounds really promissing.

Ronan Fournier March 12th, 2010 12:11 PM

NanoFlash Memo
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Since I have now two different camcorders and have to quickly change the settings in the Nano's menus, I've created a short memo in an Excel file.
It's my personnal check list, for the orginal XL-H1 and CX550 camcorders, but it may help other users who would like to write their own setting according to their own camcorder.
I hope this helps!
The file is here:

Dave Sperling March 12th, 2010 03:25 PM


Of course this is the kind of thing that I believe Dan was talking about as a future menu function - the ability to save different setups and recall with a single selection!

In the meantime - from a software perspective - you might consider adding another (narrow) column with a logic function to look for differences in settings between the two columns - something like =+IF(D10=E10,"same","different")- and display an asterisk or exclamation point -- I do things like that to show what needs to be changed when moving from one settings set to the other. (My syntax is probably off because I don't use excel, but that's the idea...)
Dave S.

Ronan Fournier March 14th, 2010 02:35 AM

Hello Dave,
Thank you, that's a very good idea!
However I don't know how to program Excel in order to program the column as you suggested. So, in my version of the doc, I have now higlighted in red colors the 5 settings that need to be changed in the Nano menu when switching my camcorders.

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