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Dan Keaton January 28th, 2011 01:16 PM

Installing nanoFlash Firmware
Dear Friends,

Here are detailed instructions for installing firmware in the nanoFlash.

One may jump from your current release to the latest release.

And, one may re-install an earlier release at any time.

I have written very detailed instructions, but this process is actually relatively easy.

Also, I will be happy to assist via the phone or Skype.

Here is a link to our support phone numbers, my numbers are listed near the bottom:

Support Contacts | Convergent Design

Please go to our website and download the firmware release of your choice.

Just click on the following,

Downloads | Convergent Design | Professional Video Recorders and Converters

Then click on your firmware choice, then click on Save and save it to a folder of your choice.

Unzip it. Mac users may not have to unzip it.

Format a qualified CompactFlash card in your nanoFlash (ensuring that no important footage is on the card first).

Copy the entire unzipped }UPD{ folder to the root directory of a CompactFlash card, and one that has been formatted in the nanoFlash. Do not just copy the contents of the }UPD{ folder, copy the entire folder.

Do not copy it into the }CLP{ folder. When you are done you should have:


Remove all cards from the nanoFlash

Power Off, then Power On the nanoFlash

Put the card with the firmware in the }UPD{ folder, into the nanoFlash

Click OK, to install the firmware release.

Watch as it does Erasing, about 1 minute

Watch as it does Programming, typically under 7 minutes.

When it says Programming …………Done
(Do not be fooled by the progress bar reaching 100%, wait until it says Programming.......Done)

Remove the card.

Power Cycle the nanoFlash.

Perform a System|Restore Defaults (This is required after every firmware update or downgrade.)
(Navigate to System|Restore Defaults, then Press Right Arrow, then Press OK)

Restore all of your menu settings in the nanoFlash.

Then take the card with the }UPD{ firmware to a PC or a Mac, then delete the }UPD{ folder.

Then you may reformat this card in the nanoFlash.

Simon Wood January 28th, 2011 03:17 PM

Should make this a sticky.

Is there a way to check which version the nano is currently running?

Dan Keaton January 28th, 2011 07:35 PM

Dear Simon,

Yes, go to System|About and Press the Right Arrow.

With 1.6.248, we will also show the firmware version in the System or Main Menu.

Barry J. Weckesser January 29th, 2011 09:53 PM

I did a firmware update when the latest version (1.6.248) came out and had no problems with Nano operation but I did not do the default restore thing. I just did it to be sure and set everything up again but when I started to record up came .MOV - then I had to figure out how to fix it - it is not in a separate section (File Format) but in the File = .. Dumb question but are most users of the Nano MAC people (reason for MOV being default)? If I had not done the system restore defaults what are the potential dangers? All my previous settings were intact and seemed to be working.

Dan Keaton January 30th, 2011 12:46 AM

Dear Barry,

Quite a few people use Mac's and Final Cut Pro.

There are over a million installed copies of Final Cut Pro.

We have a free utility to convert ".MOV" files to ".MXF". This is a feature of our File Converter software.

Downloads | Convergent Design | Professional Video Recorders and Converters

After doing a System|Restore Defaults, you may just go to System|File, then press the Right Arrow until your reach ".MOV", then click the Down Arrow, then select ".MXF", ".MPG" or ".MOV", then press OK.

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