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Mat Thompson July 12th, 2014 08:47 AM

High speed record from cache playout ? (FS700)
Hi guys

I have read that it is possible to record the playout as the cache is recording down on an FS700 (In high speed).

I can't seem to set the camera/ody to achieve this....does it work ?


Dan Keaton July 18th, 2014 06:54 AM

Re: High speed record from cache playout ? (FS700)
Dear Mat,

In firmware 1.11.100, or in earlier versions, the ability to record 4K at 120 fps is not enabled.

The FS700 with the 4K upgrade or the newer FS700 models support this mode, where one can record 4K at 120 fps, by loading a cache, then sending it to an external recorder.

We expect to make a firmware announcement today.


Dan Keaton July 21st, 2014 02:26 PM

Re: High speed record from cache playout ? (FS700)
Dear Mat,

Our 2.10.141 firmware that we posted to our website today has added this feature.

Thus, if you have a 4K Enabled FS700, and Odyssey7Q and our FS700 Option, then you can record in 4K, in camera, at 120 fps for around 3.63 seconds, and then the Odyssey7Q will record it properly.

The 3.63 seconds is based on my personal testing.

Of course, this is much longer when played back at 23.98 fps, as one might do.


Cees van Kempen July 27th, 2014 11:18 AM

Re: High speed record from cache playout ? (FS700)
Few more questions about this:

- I suppose this works the same in HD mode @ 240fps?
- What is the quality of the footage the FS700 sends out (slomo from cache)? Is it uncompressed or has it already got an avchd compression? 8 bit or 10 bit?

Dan Keaton July 29th, 2014 09:14 AM

Re: High speed record from cache playout ? (FS700)
Dear Cees,

I just discussed this in another thread.

My answer is in Post 5 of this thread:


To be clear, if one can accept 120 fps instead of 240 fps, our latest firmware, 2.10.141, supports the FS700 4K, 12-Bit, 120 fps mode, which is a cached mode, for 3.63 seconds. This mode supports the End Trigger Function.

The 3.63 seconds of 120 fps 4K, is around 18 seconds of on-screen playback at 24 fps.
Thus, this can work for certain applications.

This 4K Raw footage is significantly better than using the HD, 8-Bit 240 fps mode.

If you must have 240 fps, and the quality of the HD output is not good enough, then one can record in 2K Raw in 12-Bit, 240 fps, but this mode does not support an End Trigger.

But, of course, the highest quality footage from the FS700 is 4K Raw.


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