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Paulo Teixeira February 21st, 2010 07:16 AM

New Sony interchangeable lens cameras with AVCHD recording

It's about time we get some official information.

Ron Evans February 21st, 2010 08:09 AM

The TX7 and HX5 were announced earlier and the HX5 is on my list when it comes out in March. The TX5 is a robust model with less features than the TX7 and the H55 seams to follow this trend. What is really puzzling is why anyone would buy a CX150 for more money and less performance than the HX5 !!!! Sony have some pricing anomalies with the present line up with the difference between the AX2000 and NX5 and now these new still cameras. The capability for price difference don't match at all. I can see that one difference may be that the still cameras will only write one FAT 32 file rather than the video cameras continuing to write files with clip information so for long format the still cameras would not be appropriate. For most people less than 20mins or so at a time would be just fine!!! So me as a holiday, in my pocket camera, the HX5 seems to offer the best of all features, good still performance, 10x zoom, 1920x1080 60i AVCHD, Active Steadyshot, GPS and Compass, Memory stick and SDHC cards small.

Ron Evans

Chris Hurd February 21st, 2010 11:35 AM

I don't understand why they are referring to these new Alpha models as "D-SLR." The R in D-SLR stands for Reflex, meaning through-the-lens optical viewfinder (as opposed to a parallax optical viewfinder still found on some less expensive consumer point & shoots).

Unless the definition of Reflex now involves the lack of an optical viewfinder, in which case it's a through-the-lens electronic viewfinder, but you can apply that definition to pretty much every digital still camera made today, no matter what its price point is.

I've always considered an SLR camera to be defined as one which has a pentaprism and an optical viewfinder. Has that definition changed? I thought these new cameras were referred to as EVIL (Electronic Viewfinder, Interchangeable Lens). Interesting choice for an acronym, but I guess that makes more sense than Lens Interchangeable, Viewfinder Electronic (LIVE).

Thanks, Paulo!

Chris Hurd February 21st, 2010 12:16 PM

Okay, so maybe I need to read this stuff a little more closely before posting about it. They're not referring to the EVIL camera as a D-SLR after all. Instead they're saying "concept model of an ultra-compact interchangeable lens digital camera system that packs the quality of a DSLR camera in an extraordinarily small body, along with interchangeable lenses." I can LIVE* with that!

*Lens Interchangeable, Viewfinder Electronic -- LIVE

Dave Blackhurst February 21st, 2010 03:26 PM

Interesting announcement - I stumbled across the TX5 last night on the Sony site... I don't see the purpose of it other than the built in "hardening" - it's the TX1 with user-proofing... not that the TX1 isn't a great camera (it's amazing for the money), but no 1080P when the other new cams have it (720 only?! - it's just firmware!!)?

The HX5 too is a "better" camera than the H55 - CCD not Exmor R, so low light will be compromised... and 720P again...

I don't see any specs for the A700 successor (which apparently is only a "concept model"?!?!). Frankly if Sony doesn't get SOMETHING in the DSLR line that includes VIDEO, I might be buying a T2i kit!!!

I'm guessing those small body interchangeable lens "concept models" (again?!?! How long has the GH1 been out??) are micro 4/3rds, with an Alpha logo. Not sure how they justify that since part of the Alpha cachet was the ability to use hundreds of old Konica Minolta accessories/lenses (which means lots of great glass cheap).

Frankly the HX5 and TX7 along with the CX550V look interesting and useful in the lower end, and the AX/NX for the midrange (all already announced), but the rest seem a bit tacked on to the lines (and CONCEPT MODELS???).

Gotta wonder exactly what Sony product management is thinking sometimes...

Jon Fairhurst February 21st, 2010 04:00 PM

If they don't do 1080p, that's a hint that their sensor might be slow. And that's a hint that it might suffer badly from rolling shutter.

That's just a guess though. I haven't even seen the camera.

Dave Blackhurst February 21st, 2010 05:20 PM

Nope - the TX5 looks to use the same sensor as the others (TX1, WX1, TX7, HX5) and I have the TX1 - frighteningly good video for a pocket "P&S" camera. As Ron observed, unless the 29 minute (more like 17 in full HD) record limit is an issue, these pack a tremendous amount of bank for the buck. I find the TX1 to be about as handy as a camera can get, and takes mighty good pix and video (albeit 720, not 1080).

Looks to me like Sony crippled the firmware to be able to offer some lower price points - IMO would have been better to leave the capabilites and offer the "all weather" cam at a premium... probably be "next years model"... the joys of marketing...

Paulo Teixeira February 22nd, 2010 02:51 AM

Here's some images.

Chris Hurd February 22nd, 2010 09:06 AM

Great link -- thanks Paulo!

Dave Blackhurst February 22nd, 2010 02:07 PM

That link IS quite interesting...

Since there seems to be little "buzz" in the usual places, I guess this is as good a place as any to discuss these!

SO, Sony is introducing an entirely NEW format, not micro 4/3rds... but APS-C sensor size, and apparently it's own lenses/mount. Full HD AVCHD recording, good, big sensor, good, proprietary format... hmmm. And from the look of it, unless that's a touch screen, pretty limited controls - about the same as their P&S cameras. Aside from the large sensor, this looks to be one odd duck, and probably an expensive one too. The idea that it "could" have been an "imaging block", sans mirror and using the alpha mount (yeah, I realize the geometry would be wrong and it wouldn't be "small"...) would've made more sense IMO, but these look to be pretty close to "market", a bit beyond the concept stage.

Finally, it appears the A700 replacement will bring video to the table, only about 2 years late to the party... can someone send Sony a memo on the meaning of the word "fashionably"?!? At least they've arrived, but no articulating LCD on the "top line" model?

The picture that almost slipped by unnoticed is the one right before the lenses - the translated caption reads "Mock-up model and found lower. Also corresponds to AVCHD." My reverse translator suggests this is a less expensive Sony Alpha series, and by the reflection in the mirror, it might have an articulating LCD, and apparently will have AVCHD support... hmmm, now THAT one might be interesting if priced to compete with the T2i - but it's clearly not yet a "finished product", but a concept mockup... sigh.

BTW, Chris, probably time to map out some new forum/threadspace for Sony now they've finally come to the party with some new "dual mode toys", and added manual features to the top line consumer cams (XR/CX550V). It's still "digital video", but the toys are certainly changing rapidly...

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