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Steve Mims May 25th, 2017 10:11 AM

Austin FilmWorks Classes Fall 2017

Steve Mims here...a long time member/contributor to dvinfo and Chris Hurd devotee. (Who isn't?) I work all the time as well as teach at UT Austin and through Austin FilmWorks.

I'm offering two classes next fall and I thought I'd list them here.

My classes are perfect for people who have access to great gear but need formal preparation to really take full advantage of what the technology offers. (Read my propaganda below.)

Feel free to write me with questions,


Austin FilmWorks Offers Two Advanced Film Classes for Fall 2017

Austin FilmWorks is now accepting student registrations for two advanced filmmaking courses for Fall 2017: ‘The Film Mind: Advanced Cinematography and Directing’ and ‘Film Production Workshop’.

‘The Film Mind’ blends an in-depth examination of digital cinematography with classic aesthetic filmmaking techniques. The class melds the core tools of cinematography: lenses, filters, exposure and lighting with the discipline of classic film grammar and directorial technique to prepare students to make accomplished films. The concepts and ideas of some of the last century’s great directors (Hitchcock, Truffaut, Lean and Kurosawa) are woven throughout and outside readings and screenings are required. The class focuses on three phases: Preparation: idea, script, visual narrative approach, design and story boarding. Shooting: directing, blocking, lighting and cinematography. Editing: progressive cuts, image color correction and timing, mixing and finishing. Each student will shoot a short camera exercise and create a finished seven minute short film. Requirements: Students must have access to a camera for part of the class and editing software. There are required and recommended textbooks.

‘Film Production Workshop’ is an advanced short filmmaking class for students who have taken AFW’s ‘Film Mind’ class or have equivalent experience. It will build on previously introduced concepts with advanced readings, lectures and demonstrations. The primary focus of the class is to pre-produce, produce and post-produce finished short films (12 minute max) to be completed and screened publicly at the end of the term. Students who wish to direct and produce a short must submit a first draft script (five printed copies) at the first class. Class time will consist of script readings and critiques, review of pre-production materials, labs for technical issues, labs for design issues, lectures and reviews of cuts of the films. Students are not required to submit a script and may take the class to work as a producer on a submitted script. Students are expected to work two films: on their primary film and as a crew member on a secondary film.

Both classes are taught by Austin-based award-winning filmmaker/lecturer Steve Mims (stevemimsfilms.com - stevemimsfilms). For information about Steve or the classes please visit AUSTIN FILMWORKS - Austin FilmWorks or write to Steve at stevemims@earthlink.net.

Fall: Monday nights. September 11 through December 4, 2017 (12 weeks)
Free Orientation Meeting: Monday, September 11, 2017 at 6:30pm
Location: Austin Studios Screening Room, 1901 East 51st. St., Austin Texas 78723
Course fee: $980.

Fall: Wednesday nights. September 6 through December 6.
Location: TBA
Course fee: $980.00

Phil Goetz May 31st, 2017 08:10 AM

Re: Austin FilmWorks Classes Fall 2017
Highly recommend a class with Steve.

Highly recommend his 2014 feature film too. Shot on C100 with an Atomos I believe.

Chris Hurd May 31st, 2017 08:18 AM

Re: Austin FilmWorks Classes Fall 2017
Strongly recommend a class with Steve as well.

He was one of my highly revered profs way back when I was in film school.

I learned... I learned.

Now you can learn too, and you don't have to shell out the big bucks for university tuition like I did.

This is a great way to get Steve without having to go through UT-Austin, so take advantage!

See also http://www.dvinfo.net/article/acquis...0-mark-ii.html

Ronald Jackson May 31st, 2017 08:26 AM

Re: Austin FilmWorks Classes Fall 2017
Crikey I thought it read "Fail 2017". "Autumn" it is then.


ps a bit too far to attend

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