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Chris Harding November 22nd, 2011 05:42 PM

DVDLab and Win 7 ???
Hi Guys

Does anyone here use Mediachance's DVD Lab with Win7 64 bit???? I have a rather strange problem with mine that only occurs on Windows 7 - 64 ! In Win XP Pro it's absolutely perfect!!!

DVD Lab will happily compile a DVD on both operating systems UNLESS I have a clip that's a bit longer than 20 minutes....the moment it comes across a clip that's over 20 mins in Win 7 the compile process prematurely says "Done!" and I find that it's only compiled up to around 60% of the longest clip and then stopped.

Do the identical process in WinXP and everything compiles sweetly with no problems !!!

Anyone have any bright ideas?


Wayne Starick May 31st, 2014 06:23 PM

Re: DVDLab and Win 7 ???
Hi Chris

I can't help but do have a question.

Up until now I have been using Sony DVD Architect, but it seems to have reached a developmental dead-end. Over the years, at infrequent intervals, I have looked at this product.

What is your opinion of it, current issue, not withstanding?


Chris Harding June 1st, 2014 07:40 PM

Re: DVDLab and Win 7 ???
Hi Wayne

I really think it's an awesome authoring package..yep, I'm still using it and no real issues either. I never had the issue again BTW so I never figured what caused that.

Ok I also need to be honest here and tell you that I also use RealDraw as my "goto" drawing software and the two fit like a glove but it's not a requirement ..just a neat program I use for my menu screens, as well as my DVD case sleeves.

They have a trial download so why not give it a shot...if you need any hints/tips on using it just pop me an email direct as I have done thousands of disks with the software and yes, I found Architect a pain in the butt so stopped using it quite a while ago!


Wayne Starick June 1st, 2014 09:15 PM

Re: DVDLab and Win 7 ???
Thanks Chris - some useful insights.

I have downloaded the trial and, as I have a long lead time on my next job, I will try using it 'in anger' to really get a handle on how it works.

I have been a Photoshop user for a while now and that seems to 'partner' well with DVDA though every now and again the two don't seem to play nicely together for no logical reason that I can ever fathom. So I will also look at RealDraw Pro as well.

Sounds like a fun time ahead for me :o)

Chris Harding June 2nd, 2014 05:01 AM

Re: DVDLab and Win 7 ???
Hi Wayne

If you need any templates just let me know? In DVDLab for my Weddings, what I do is create a menu from scratch and then remove the background and clips and then save it and I have a templates with the buttons and movie placeholders all there.

With Realdraw I do much the same so to make a menu interface it's simply a matter of deleting the previous bride's photo and inserting the new one and then changing the names and date and I'm done!

I also use RealDraw for my DVD sleeves and use the same method.it's quick and easy

It has quite nice help too but you shouldn't need it at all. If you get stuck let me know


Wayne Starick June 3rd, 2014 02:45 AM

Re: DVDLab and Win 7 ???
Thanks for the offer Chris!

Chris Harding June 4th, 2014 07:04 PM

Re: DVDLab and Win 7 ???
Hi Wayne

Just one "bug" that DVD lab has that you need to know about! If you author a bunch of short clips and a clip when demuxed by the program shows no video time and replaces it with "0-GOP" that means that the offending clip end has finished at the frame 11 mark...dunno why it does that but it does. It that does happen to you just trim the clip back a few frames and re-render and it will work perfectly. I have never had this on weddings which is weird but I also do Realty shoots where the clips are between 3 and 6 minutes and now and again it happens ....with all my Realty clips I always trim the end of the clip so it finishes at Frame 6 and never have the issue.

Just giving you a heads up on this!!


Wayne Starick June 4th, 2014 08:03 PM

Re: DVDLab and Win 7 ???
G'day Chris

Sounds like you are going to be my 'go-to' man on DVDLab :o)


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