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Paul Swires March 9th, 2003 08:59 AM

DVD Auto repeat

I am wondering if there is a DVD player out there that has a specific auto repeat function button on it for the purpose of auto repeat play. I am aware that most players have this function built in their menus whereby one sets the in and out points on a DVD then activates the auto repeat function on the menu and bingo - you have auto repeat. Now this works fine in the home or in a situation where the DVD operator knows how to go into menus and set in and out points. The problem arises however when there is a power failure or the power is accidentally switched off and the DVD player loses its auto repeat memory settings. I run a business whereby I have many TV/VCR combos playing advertising material on auto repeat at different venues in different towns. As mentioned earlier the problem I'm having is when there is a power interuption (for whatever reason) and the player loses it's settings. Now fortunately this isn't too bad with the TV/VCR combo's as resetting isn't too dificult to do by the people in the offices where my sets are playing. Presently I am seriously thinking of outputting my advertising material onto DVD and using the same concept but the auto repeat function found on most DVD players would prove unsatisfactory. If there was a dedicated auto repeat switch on the DVD player, then even if there was a power failure, all that would be necessary by the person in the office would be to press play on the remote without having to get involved with internal menus and setting in and out points which can be confusing to a DVD owner let alone a layperson working in an office with little or no DVD experience.

I would appreciate any input or advice from anyone regarding this.

Many thanks


Paul Swires ( South Africa )

Jeff Donald March 9th, 2003 02:01 PM

I would build the DVD so it auto repeats. I think I've seen this done on Kiosks. I'm not a DVD authoring expert by any stretch, but I believe this feature can be implemented and written into the DVD menu and not accessed via the menu. Just like you can't skip by certain warnings in the beginning of commercial DVD's.

Hans Henrik Bang March 10th, 2003 07:35 AM

Excellent idea Jeff.

I know that this is possible since some of my movie DVDs will autorepeat. I recall one, that will return to the menu after the credits finish, then stay at the menu for about 5 minutes, and then restart from the beginning of the movie.

To make it as easy as possible, some DVD players can even be set to autoplay. Combined with a DVD authored to autorepeat, this should do the trick.

Hans Henrik

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