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Brett Sherman October 6th, 2011 06:49 AM

Re: How do you reconnect media in FCP X?

Originally Posted by Bill Davis (Post 1671797)
This means that "re-linking" is a functionally obsolete term in FCP-X.

The fact is in the business sh** happens. Sometimes a drive dies, sometimes you capture to the wrong location and need to move it, sometimes you need to move a project to a different edit system. Sometimes projects span multiple drives. If FCP X can't deal with these common realities of the business, then why would we buy it?

It doesn't really make sense that if you have the exact file you need, you can't reconnect it just because it has moved location. If it has the same data, FCP X can reconnect to it. It would not be hard for FCP X to do a checksum on a file and identify as identical to the one it is looking for regardless of path or metadata. It chooses not to be able to do it.

This also says nothing of the fact that there is simply no way to have all media created online all the time. FCP X has no way of dealing with offline media. This is a huge problem.

David Chapman October 9th, 2011 08:42 PM

Re: How do you reconnect media in FCP X?

Originally Posted by Ian Skurrie (Post 1672105)
Does this mean that if you need to change a graphic for example in photoshop that you can't reconnect the file?

I've fully tested in 10.0.1 that PSD's that have been used in FCPX are updated. I right-clicked to reveal in the Finder and it directed me to my Events folder. I double-clicked it, changed the type in Photoshop and then saved. I reopened FCPX and my PSD had new text on it. No reconnect errors at all.

David Chapman October 9th, 2011 08:50 PM

Re: How do you reconnect media in FCP X?

Originally Posted by Gerald Webb (Post 1686507)
Sorry if there is an obvious answer to this and I missed it.
You have a project bound for DVD, say, 5 x 20min sequences ( my son is editing this job in Final Cut Pro X on his iMac).
He ran off the first drafts and gave them to me to grade and do some clean up with Neat Video ( Im on PC).
We just automatically assumed he could get the cleaned up CC'd versions back and just replace them in the bin........
You can do this cant you?
Wouldnt it be the same procedure if using proxies?
If anyone can help it would be much appreciated.

I think this is something that previous round-tripping in FCP7 and Color led us to assume. And that's that color correcting can happen during an edit. Round tripping is messy in reality. Sure it gives the appearance of other peers working on a project, but there has to be a final part of a stage in the pipeline. I would think grading happens after the edit. If that's the case, exporting XML from FCPX into Resolve to grade wouldn't require the film to come back into FCPX again. Wouldn't it go from Resolve to another app? Compressor? Or if it came back into FCPX, it would merely be for merging the final cut (graded) with the mastered audio to send to Compressor. Surely there would be no more editing after the grade. Right?

I would send your color corrector sections, or scenes or the whole project—exported as a ProRes mov (or whatever high-quality format you need). Then send it back to him as a movie file and he can add any further effects, etc.

I think the new free Resolve (the one updated for FCPX fcpxml import) will be the best way to grade.

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