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Scott Brooks December 3rd, 2012 02:50 PM

Share to DVD not the same?
I recently upgraded to the latest FCPX so it's now version 10.0.6. I never had any problems sharing to DVD before, but now ... no such luck.

I've tried the settings at automatic as well as single layer and each time it asks me four a dual layer disk.

My latest project was 1hr 45min. Is there a 90 min. limit that I'm not aware of?

I've always used this in the past, but the last two projects have not been successful and instead I've used Toast.

I was just curious as to whether anyone else has experienced this since the latest version came out.

David Chapman December 6th, 2012 12:26 PM

Re: Share to DVD not the same?
Hi Scott, it looks like that was an issue with 10.0.6. Apple just released 10.0.7 today and this is one of the updates it fixes.

John Nantz December 6th, 2012 02:05 PM

Re: Share to DVD not the same?
David - Thanks for the heads-up. Since my FCPX version wasn't bought 'directly' through the Apple Store (there was a mess-up), I never get the update notifications. The last time I talked to the FCPX section they said the newer operating system would resolve that problem. Well, it apparently did not because when I went to check Software Update it did find some updates but not for FCPX.

Anyway, went to the Apple web site to see what's up and wound up reading "Best practices for updating." Near the beginning they have this little note:

"Important note: It is recommended that you complete any active Projects before upgrading to a new version of Final Cut Pro. You should also ensure that you have a current backup of your Project, Event, and the application."
Final Cut Pro X: Best practices for updating

While I'm still struggling trying to find a way to export, er,.... Save, my Projects to a DVD or BR, now it appears I'm going to have to do a backup. All 23 Projects. AND the Application!

However, just thinking, since I've got the Application on another computer that may constitute a backup.

On the plus side, it's good to know the FCP crew has fixed some bugs as this is always helpful.

In today's news Cook was reported as saying they are sorry about the map bungle and they had increased staff to fix it. Wonder if they borrowed any FCP staff?

Scott Brooks December 6th, 2012 02:24 PM

Re: Share to DVD not the same?
Thank you, David!

I did a search on the problem and never could find anyone else that was having a problem. I assumed it was the same as almost all my other problems ... user error.

I'll update now because I have a photo slideshow that I want to complete tonight. This should be an easy test.

Thanks again.

Scott Brooks December 18th, 2012 02:46 PM

Re: Share to DVD not the same?

Originally Posted by David Chapman (Post 1766672)
Hi Scott, it looks like that was an issue with 10.0.6. Apple just released 10.0.7 today and this is one of the updates it fixes.

David ...

I just wanted to get back and thank you for the information regarding the update. I had a project that was an hour and forty-five minutes long and the Share to DVD worked just fine. I had no idea there was a reported bug in the earlier version.

Do you (or anyone else) know what length of DVD the Share feature will work with? I think Toasts says theirs is 4 hours.

Thanks again ...


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