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Ed Fiebke May 18th, 2013 10:53 AM

Best Workflow working with P2 files
I recently purchased a Panasonic AG-HPX170 camera (used) and, as you know, it uses the P2 card/file format. After some brief research on getting the files from the camera to the computer, I now know how to properly import the files from the P2 card (copied unto one of my computer's HDD) and import it into Final Cut Pro X. By the way, this process is amazingly fast!!

Along with the camera, I purchased two P2 64GB (used) cards. They will fill up fast using even just the 720P mode (although it does have a 720 PN mode which can afford extra recording time). I can see how it can become quite complex and confusing dealing with all of these files from different projects.

How do you organize the P2 files used by FCPX during the editing process?? Do you simply name folders (containing the P2 files) that are corresponding to your video project?? It is suggested to archive the "master" P2 files which I will do. What is the best method in archiving these large files??

Up until know, I've been video recording in Standard Definition and these files are much smaller.

As I've shared before in the past, I am a full-time ICU/CCU nurse. The hospital where I work likes to hand out "extra projects" to its employees. (No, we don't get paid for these "extra projects".) What I do is video-record healthcare/nursing related educational in-services so that off-shift employees (I work the night shift) can "view and learn". I've done a little more than 30 of these video projects over the past few years. I saved them all. Now that I'm gearing to video-recording in "High-Def", I would like to continue to save these projects. It looks like I'm going to need lots and lots of HDDs!!!

Any suggestions in working with these high-definition P2 files and archiving them (and entire FCPX projects) would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you. . .


Ed Fiebke May 20th, 2013 10:19 AM

Re: Best Workflow working with P2 files
"Ingesting" the P2 files is a snap (I have FCPX "copying" them in ProRes format to my external RAID set-up). Editing them is just as easy. So, overall, working with the P2 files in FCPX seems no different than when I was working with the SD video files. I still haven't decided the best way to archive everything, though. For sure, I want to safely save the original P2 file content structures. But I also want to save the FCPX editing work as well. Ultimately, that's lots and lots of (potential) folders and files to archive. I guess purchasing lots of cheap HDDs is one option. How are other people archiving their FCPX projects (and original video files)??

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