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Dave Lammey September 28th, 2007 10:06 AM

Capturing questions
I'm using FCP 5, and have a few questions I can't seem to answer using the manual:

1. I'm trying to capture miniDV tapes in a way such that if the capture drive fails and I lose all of my captured video files, I can revive the project by simply recapturing the lost video files.

I assume the best way to do this to log each clip, then batch capture ... and then if the drive fails, I can open the project (since the project file is stored on the system drive), select the clips I want to recapture, then batch capture them. Is this correct?

2. I have been capturing entire miniDV tapes by logging the starting point (usually 8 seconds from the beginning) and logging the end point where the time code ends on the tape. But I'd rather not have to log the end point, and just rewind the tape and have FCP automatically log the end point for me. Is there anyway to do this? In other words, have FCP just stop capturing when the filmed portion of the tape ends, and preserve the clip? I find that if I don't specify the end, then the entire clip seems to be lost ...

Daniel Ross September 28th, 2007 06:05 PM

1. If you batch capture clips, write down the timecode. (Or is there some option to export a list of captured chunks that can later be imported and reused? Not sure on that.)
If you capture all of the footage right from the tapes, then just repeat that process. Should match up.
For replacing:
1. Close FCP.
2. Rename to the exact name your old file had, and be sure the files match exactly, especially in length (even if the end is unused), or FCP WILL get confused and make you locate each clip manually.
3. Open FCP again. (Save, too.)
DO NOT try this with FCP open or you'll get windows popping up like crazy trying to locate clips.

Better answer here... just back up your footage to a secondary drive. Much easier.

2. Hmm... I'd think you could just run it and let it go. Watch and stop it so it doesn't work the camera any harder than it needs, but I believe that it just doesn't capture anything if the tape is blank, so you should end up capturing just the footage.

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