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David Scattergood February 11th, 2008 01:13 PM

Moving Project Files & Folders to new ext GDrive.
I made a decision recently to acquire a new external drive (first time I've had an external on the mac - had a post here a week or so back) - I looked at the Caldigit drives (very good impression) but in the UK these are not that easy to get hold of and as such the prices are somewhat steeper than I would've liked.
So - I ordered the GTech GRaid drive (again many good reviews for these drives and managed to get a really good price on one).

As my current iMac (2.33ghz / 2Gb ram) is about to fall in on itself (there is around 15Gb left on the 250gb drive and performance is not too good) I'm wanting to shift a few projects/files/folders onto this new drive.
I'll play around with media manager so FCP is pointed towards this drive (following a bit of research no doubt!) but I'm wondering if there any workaround to shift current FCP files (and indeed Motion/DVDSP/Compressor et al) onto this new drive.
I'm guessing I don't create an alias (as I did with iTunes on a cheaper, USB ext) but somehow point folders to the Gtech ('Movies' folder/QT files - everything bar the programs themselves).
Had a quick browse on a mac forum but as this relates to video elements I thought this might be a better environment to ask...you can probably tell I'm no 'mac techie', but I'm fairly desperate to start/complete a few projects.

As most of the current material/scratch files on FCP is either backed up on DVD's or tape (mostly raw footage requirements for past projects) it wouldn't be entirely catastrophic if the current FCP files were somehow lost in transferring over the new drive, although I'd prefer to keep them.

Any linkies or advice would be most appreciated.

David Scattergood February 12th, 2008 06:32 AM

Apologies for dragging this back to the surface but I'm currently relocating files and folders into the new Ext drive....and I don't wish to flummox my iMac!

Thinking of shifting the 'Documents' folders eg: FCP docs (projects/scratch/renders/thumbnails etc) directly to the new drive (copy then delete). I'd then (from what I'm reading) point the media manager browser in FCP to the new drive - correct so far? This (I'm hoping) would mean I can continue working on current projects (captured via the previous internal drive) whilst utilising the new ext volume?

Also considering, rather than moving folders (and deleting them off their original position) creating Aliases for all media documents (as I have done on a separate drive for audio & photo's) - presumably then I can continue to save and view files as if they were their original location.

Hope someone can quickly chip in here :)

Many thanks.

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