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Philip Melia April 17th, 2005 04:20 PM

FCP 4.5 HD render query
Hi DVi Community,

I am finding FCP reluctant to render much more than one clip/item at a time. Sometimes I have to close FCP following a file import (ie: Livetype movie for use in a composite) and reopen to enable the render process.
I am using a dual 2.5 ghz G5 Power Mac with 2 gb RAM. Anyone know of any settings that I might need to adjust to expand rendering capability?

Looking forward to some advice :-)

Boyd Ostroff April 17th, 2005 06:47 PM

Well I've been working with FCP 3 for the past few years, but recently upgraded to FCP 4.5 HD and a dual 2.5 like yours. I really haven't dug into a big project yet on my new setup, but there are some changes in rendering from FCP 3. What version are you using?

I think the trick is going to Sequence > Render All and then checking each of the lifesaver-flavored categories. Then when you want to render everything in your sequence just choose Sequence > Render All > Both. This seems to work for me at least... I haven't noticed the issue you describe.

There are a few settings to check... go through the User Preferences, System Settings and A/V Settings dialogs under the Final Cut Pro menu. However I don't think any of these would cause this sort of problem.

Are your clips all DV or are you editing in some other format?

Philip Melia April 19th, 2005 11:58 AM

Thanks Boyd. You're not going to believe this but the problem has been clicking too quickly on the mouse! I found that by holding down the mouse for a little longer while clicking did the trick. Is there any hope for me in this DV world?!

Cleveland Brown April 22nd, 2005 07:11 PM


I am posting a quick question here because I think it's along the same or at least similar lines. I just got the FCP HD Production Suite. Even though it comes with FCP 4.5, they sent the manuals for FCP 4. I doubt it will make a huge difference as it is probably the same minus the HD. Anyway, I am going through the tutorials and they are not working correctly, I do everything the instructions say and sometimes it works sometimes it does not. When I opened the tutorial project for the first time, it warned me that the video in the project was from an older version and asked if I want to optimize it for the current version, Yes or No. If I click yes, I have problems one way and if I click No, I have different problems.

Anyway, I can't watch my edits in the canvas unless I actually render them. This in spite of the fact that the tutorial indicates that I should be able to watch them to see how they came out. Also, my pointer keeps turning into a magnafying glass and zooms in whenever I click on the Canvas or the Viewer.
I am still new to FCP and am doing all of the reading I can. Sometimes it just does not seem to do what the book says it will.

Thanks, Cleveland

Boyd Ostroff April 22nd, 2005 10:43 PM

Hi Cleveland,

The manuals you got for FCP 4 are what they distribute with FCP HD. See the "New Features" book for info on HD capabilities.

Sorry, I haven't looked at the tutorials. Are they the old "Lindy Hop" videos? Ugh ;-) I imagine they were created with FCP 3 or something which is why FCP HD wants to convert the files.

I'm not sure what's happening with the rendering, that's odd. This usually happens when you put a clip into a sequence with settings that don't match. Check your sequence settings (Sequence > Settings) and compare to the clip settings (Edit > Item Properties). If the files are DV and the settings are correct you shouldn't need to render unless you're using certain effects. You should never need to render a "cuts only" project.

Two useful shortcuts: type the "A" key: your cursor should turn to an arrow. Type the "Z" key: your cursor turns to the magnifying glass. Type the "P" key: cursor changes to the pen tool for adjusting rubber band lines. Type the "B" key: cursor turns to a razor blade. You can accomplish the same thing by clicking the mouse on the appropriate tool in the pallette, but this is easier.

If you're having problems you might want to pick up an FCP book. Browse through the computer section in your local Borders or Barnes and Noble bookstores, you should find several books on FCP.

Stick with it and take your time. FCP is really a very nice program that you will come to appreciate once you get to know your way around.

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