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Nathan Troutman May 4th, 2006 04:51 PM

Final Cut pro Conversion Question
I've been doing tests trying to take 60i HDV footage from a FX1 and convert it into 8 bit Uncompressed 24P footage. Basically a little experiment. The company DV film has an inexpensive program called DV Film maker that will do this conversion for about $150. See http://www.dvfilm.com. They specifically recommend converting 60i footage to 24P before editing and working in that format throughout the edit process. So, I thought: hey I just spend a grand on this really fancy Final Cut Studio thing so Compressor should be great for this. WRONG!

You can download a free trial version of DV Film maker. So I tried it out. For a 1 minute piece of video DV Film maker takes about 8 mins. to convert and recompress to 8 bit Uncompressed on a G4 with a dual 1.8 gigadesins processor. That gives you 24P using a motion adaptive deinterlacer and frame blending frame rate conversion.

For the same 1 minute piece of video through compressor the conversion takes hours. I've literally tried all kinds of different settings in the frame controls window. I'm positive all of my other settings are correct. Compressor just takes forever. I haven't tried using the loweset deinterlace and rate conversion settings but I really don't want to. The "better" setting for the deinterlace and the "good" setting for the frame rate conversion should produce a setting similar to what DV Film Maker is doing, but it doesn't. The video does look great but it takes hours. This dissapointed me. A basic $150 program that kicks compressor's butt? I wanted to know if anyone else has tried doing this kind of conversion in compressor and could share some setting that might create the file in a reasonable amount of time?

Glenn Chan May 4th, 2006 07:44 PM

Compressor may be using optical flow to do the conversion... the process is very slow and does a better job than motion adaptive de-interlacing.

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