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Brad Simmons May 11th, 2006 12:22 PM

Porting Between Final Cut and After Effects
Hi folks, heres my problem.

I'm using a program called Handbrake to rip DVD content to my Mac. This is for editing purposes only, I wanted to take some Hollywood movies and re-edit some scenes for practice, or perhaps make a new trailer etc.

When you burn a disc, Handbrake creates a .MP4 file. The quality is great.

However I cannot import this file into Final Cut Pro - it gives me an error.

I CAN however import this .mp4 file into After Effects and then REEXPORT the file as a .mov. Then it imports into Final Cut.

However, what I'm having problems with is the rendering in FCP. When I export the file from After Effects using "make movie", I choose the DV NTSC codec. Then I set up my "sequence settings" in Final Cut to use the
same DV NTSC codec.

Problem is...everything still needs to render when I put it on the FCP timeline...I get the red render bar over the footage. Why shoudl I have to render everything if they are using the same codec? Also, none of the real time transitions work either, they ALL must be rendered.

I tried using the "Animation" codec when exporting from AE, and setting my FCP timeline to the same codec...and this time I DON'T need to render anything. However the animation codec data rate is so high that I end up dropping tons of frames when even a simple cross dissolve is added.

I know this is kind of complicated but I would appreciate any advice as to what I may be doing wrong. If you want me to clarify anything let me know. Thanks!


Nate Ford May 11th, 2006 12:49 PM

mpeg streamclip will rip to apple dv ntsc mov files (as well as any other variation of quicktime file.) they'll work in your timeline and not require rendering. mpeg streamclip won't rip from css-encoded dvd's though. that would require another app (mac the ripper) first. this works really well, and mpeg streamclip lets you set in and out points, so you don't have to convert the entire 2 hour movie. (which would take a while and create a 26 gig file.) the whole shabang will set you back $0. the free version of mac the ripper (2.6) is getting harder to find, (presumably due to legal troubles,) but it's still out there.

for information only. don't do anything illegal.

Brad Simmons May 11th, 2006 03:21 PM

Thanks Nate for the info.

I downloaded mpeg streamclip and it looks cool.

However I imported my .mp4 file and exported it as a Quicktime DV NTSC
file, yet when I import it into FCP it still needs rendering. I believe I have all my sequence settings set correctly so I'm not sure what is going on.

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