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Joe Hanna July 4th, 2008 08:40 PM

Upload to viemo?
I see a lot of shorts uploaded to viemo and the consenses seems to be that viemo is the way to go. One question how long does it take to upload a 5-6 min short, I tried and found it was going to take like 5 hrs or so, is this the norm or am I missing something here or am I using the wrong format?

Kelsey Emuss July 4th, 2008 08:54 PM

I had the same problem and someone here recommended that I read the FAQ's on how to upload to vimeo...there was a lot of information in there. I ended up with horribly pixel-y footage when I followed their instructions,but you might find it useful!

David Schuurman July 4th, 2008 09:57 PM

just let it upload overnight...that way you wont notice the 5 hours go by.

Sean Seah July 5th, 2008 02:29 AM

5-6min trailers take less than 30min for me.

Harm Millaard July 5th, 2008 02:39 AM

If you want to upload in HD format, use the following approach: encode to WMV 1280x720 with PAR 1.0 de-interlaced using Windows Media Video 9.2 Advanced Profile and for audio 128 kbps 48 KHz stereo. Both with 2-pass VBR unconstrained, video around 5000 Kbps average.

Upload of a 125 MB WMV takes me around 30 minutes, the encoding takes another 20 minutes but the quality is quite good and way better than YouTube. Here is an example: http://www.vimeo.com/1122531

Danny O'Neill July 5th, 2008 04:29 AM

How long it takes depends on your upload speed.

For me in the UK I have upload speed of 750kbps and a 3-4 min HD clip (this is the future) takes about 30 mins to upload then another 50 or so for vimeo to convert it. Luckily if I do it during the day in the UK it starts to encode immediatly but if I try and do it when the USA is awake i get queued up.

One tip, ensure you encode in 24fps. While the guides say to leave the framerate I find that vimeo converts all to 24fps and when it converts from my 25fps PAL it gets a stutter.

John Moon July 5th, 2008 08:06 PM

Upload time depends on the amount of traffic upload to the site. I have a couple of 15min projects that were 1080x720 and it took about an hour total. We are on a T1 line though.

J. Stephen McDonald July 14th, 2008 12:53 AM

Vimeo Uploading-----Slow for Everyone, Like All Hosting Websites
I converted an HDV clip using the Streamclip program that was set for 2-pass, 720p and every other option that would supposedly improve the encoded quality for uploading to Vimeo. The encoding was at 10 Mbps. This took about 3 hours, for just 3 minutes of video. I converted the same clip, using Windows Movie Maker, set on its 720p publishing mode, with 5.9 Mbps. I watched both these converted clips many times on a 1,680 X 1,050 LCD monitor and could not see one whit of difference in quality. They both handled motion quite well, the audio sounded good and there were few compression artifacts. The main difference was that the WMM version took only 3 minutes to render and it was all automatic. When uploaded to Vimeo, they both looked the same when played directly from their website (equally bad), due to their down-conversion to a 1.6 Mbps .flv file. The solution to this, is to allow your videos to be downloaded by registered Vimeo subscribers and to actively encourage them to do so, by putting a note about the option on your description. This way, they get to view your full uploaded quality, that may have a bit-rate 3 to 5 times higher. There is a checkbox on your Vimeo uploading page to allow each video to be downloaded. The RealPlayer download offered in the upper right corner of the window, is even more compressed than the Vimeo playback and is of little use.

There seems no purpose in using the program I tried, for rendering the video, when it takes 60 times longer than the simple method offered on WMM of either 720p at 5.9 Mbps or 1080p at 7.8 Mbps. However, sometimes Vimeo will dump an upload of 1080p, without explanation, after a couple hours of waiting patiently. My 720p uploads are usually accepted. In any case, your own uploading speed is not the only bottleneck that causes such long waits for the process to be completed, but Vimeo's limited capacity to receive and process plays an equal part. My connection can upload at 2 to 3 Mbps, but Vimeo seems to receive them no faster than about .25 Mbps (250 Kbps) and then there's the long conversion time.

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