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Cory Moorehead March 29th, 2004 11:15 AM

Compression For Web Streaming
Hey guys whats up ? I need to know in Vegas Video or using TMPGEnc or even Ulead how to compress my video which is about 255 megs into a file that is naybe 10 megs big so that I can upload it onto my server to show people. I know, obviously it can be done, but im really stuck on finding the method that still gives me good quality but also allows a small file size. All help is greatly appreciated !


Edward Natale March 29th, 2004 12:09 PM

If we knew the length of the project, the math is easy.

Say your project is 5 minutes, or 300 seconds. If your target file size is 10mb which equates to 80000 kilobits (1MB = 8000 Kilobits), then you just divide your total kilobits by the amount of seconds to arrive at the bitrate per second.

In this case that would be 267 kilobits per second. That would be watchable, but it wouldnt look that great. To me, it seems that clean quality starts at about 400 kilobits per second.

It also depends on the compression used. Some formats compress better than others, and compression settings matter as well (deinterlacing, etc). Also, audio needs to be taken into account. Usually audio is tolerable at 64 kilobits a second or maybe even a little bit below that. Its completely up to your preference.

Web delivery isnt really too difficult, although many factors are involved. Choosing your bitrate is the first step.


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