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Kevin Janisch May 13th, 2005 03:07 PM

24 fps VOB files shows 29.97 in Encore Properties
I recently outputted a 24p proof to DVD from Premiere Pro 1.5 and the results were great. I imported the VOB file instead of rendering it out again (7.5 hours for a 10 minute movie, Magic Bullet) and Encore was stating that it was a 29.97 fps file. Other assets that were 24 fps were also being shown as 29.97 in the properties. Anybody have any insight into this? Encore is buggin or what? Thanks.


Pete Bauer May 13th, 2005 05:12 PM

Hi Kevin,

Well, you taught me something...I didn't know you could directly import vob files as an asset into Encore, but I tried it and it works. They don't show up by default in the import dialog box, but if you choose "all files" then you see the vob files and they import just fine. Thanks! (Obviously wouldn't work for files from encrypted / commercial DVDs).

Anyway, I'll try to answer your question. Here is a snippet of a discussion within the Adobe Encore forum that cover it more completely than I can:

Q: My m2v file was encoded using PPro with a 24p setting, but Encore lists the frame rate as 29.97. How can I tell if the file was encoded correctly or not?
A: AVI: Encore transcodes 24p AVI by import and sets the pulldown flag.
m2v: no need to transcode, since the pulldown flag is in the MPEG-2. Most application will say it is a 29.976 fps file however.

From those comments, it appears that Encore will only display the final output frame rate (including AFTER pull-down flags are read), meaning for NTSC it will always be 29.97, even if the vob on the DVD is actually 23.976 progressive. If you can import your 23.976 vob into Encore without transcoding (which a quick try on my system verifies you can), and your footage plays properly through a progressive scan DVD player (which will read the flags from a 23.976 file and send 29.97 to the TV), you can be sure all is well...if it was ACTUALLY converted to 29.97 on-disc, it would have to go through a lengthy transcode.

It would be nice to verify the actual frame rate and field/frame state of an asset from within Encore. Unless someone knows a way that I'm not aware of to do that in the current version, I think I'll submit a feature request at the Adobe site.

As an aside: if you're not already checking in to the Adobe forums, tutorials, and download area, please do sign up.


You do have to take a moment to create a "First Name - Last Name" style of userID and password just as here at DVinfo, but IMHO, all licensed users of Adobe products should be checking in with the manufacturer's web site periodically. LOTS of good info...I try to comment on newsworthy stuff here at DVinfo, but it is worth going to the source sometimes!

Kevin Janisch May 17th, 2005 06:24 PM

Thanks Pete!


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