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Donald Blake December 5th, 2009 11:00 AM

Why do my SD videos get stretched only on Facebook
I loaded this SD video on youtube, vimeo and Facebook, and only on Facebook the width gets squeezed/stretched by about 15-20% smaller, did anyone ever have this trouble?
I use internet explorer 8 and my file loaded is a SD 720x480 WMV file, also what is weird is that when I load an HD video on Facebook the ratio is ok, it's only with SD that I have this problem, I tried loading different formats but always the same result.

Here is the video on Vimeo, youtube and Facebook (open group/must have a FB profil) if you dont then just imagine the width squeezed 15-20% smaller

YouTube - test

FB test video | Facebook

Donald Blake December 5th, 2009 01:44 PM

Well seems like I answered my own question...

here's what I found out about my problem, it's not new and it seems to be an ongoing problem for Facebook, I've had this problem for a couple of years now, but I tought I was doing something wrong in the rendering or something, here's what Facebook has to say about it in the help section :

-Help CenterVideo: Bugs and Known Problems

-My video is playing in the wrong aspect ratio

-We are aware of this problem and currently working to fix it. Please note that re-uploading the video will not resolve this issue. If your video is not playing in the correct aspect ratio (e.g., it is stretched vertically), you can report this issue here :
Incorrect Video Aspect Ratio | Facebook

I will report my problem and see if it is resolved, I will post a reply later.

Thanks Donald

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