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Steve Isaacs September 30th, 2009 02:01 PM

FS-5 2.0 and file corruptions...
Recently the files from two FS-5 2.0s were so corrupted that the NLE (Vegas) is not able to display them properly and in more than one case will cause Vegas to crash when viewing the footage. This was so bad I had to abandon the FS-5 footage and instead capture from the backup tapes (glad I decided to stick with the tape backup).

Here are the details:
- This is only the second event where these units have been used -- they are virtually new.
- Both units had similar problems although one was not as severe as the other.
- Both units were configured identically and connected to an XH-A1.
- Both units were saving to M2T format.
- Sync mode was being used (start and stop using the record button on the camera).
- A looping RAM cache of 5 seconds was being used.
- Both were powered from an external battery set to 12V with a previously charged internal battery installed.
- Both were mounted on the control arm of the tripod.
- This was a wedding shoot requiring moving from one position to another while recording continuously in order to maintain sync between cameras for easier multicam editing.
- The files are limited to 2G which I believe is the result of using the FAT32 file system.

The corrupted files appear to be of the correct length. The point of failure would be obvious in Vegas by looking at the audio track. In some cases the file would be correct toward the end of the file. It appeared that in no failure case was the file correct or usable at the beginning.

An attempt to "repair" a clip on the FS-5 using the repair utility resulted in the file being deleted.

A previous session running in "normal" mode and powered using the internal battery had no such problems (which discounts number 3 below).

So, here are some suspect causes I can identify:

1. Running from a 12V supply is insufficient for all power demands causing glitches in the encoding process or the write to the hard drive. Perhaps 14V would be better?
2. There is a fatal bug in the looping RAM cache algorithm possibly triggered by M2T.
3. Excessive vibration when changing camera positions caused hard drive failures.

Any other possible culprits?

Suggested solutions? We really want to stick with the "sync" mode because of the convenience of having to press only one button to start a record (less error prone as well).



Mike Mason October 3rd, 2009 12:27 PM

Not sure if I can help, but I can share my experiences using an FS-5 V.2 in two weddings.

1. I'm powering in the same manner, charged battery and external 12v supply.
2. Using SYNC mode
3. NOT using cache.
4. Sony FX-1000 camera

So far, I've not have any problems with the files produced - they are being loaded into CS4, but they also play fine with NERO showtime.

I have noticed the following:

1. A small 15 frame file is produced, in addition to the main file, when I press record - seems to record, stop and the start the real record.

2. If I try cache mode (with the cache set to 5 seconds) I get a 5sec 15 frame file!

3. The audio is being cut off about 4 frames before the end of the video. Audio is in sync with the video - starting correctly - but ending early. CS4 works with this just fine, but maybe a problem with other edit systems.....

Seems to be that there could be a little work done on SYNC mode with different cameras.

I really like this unit, but I've had to get used to its behavor.

Mike Mason October 3rd, 2009 01:31 PM

Just noticed, audio starts about 4 frames after the video - although the video and audio are in sync.

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