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Dave Heltzel July 14th, 2010 07:51 AM

FS-H200 Pro vs. FS-CF Pro?
Using the XLH1A and about to buy one of these, but can't differentiate between the two, other than stating the FS-CF Pro is "specifically" for Canon and $300 more. What am I missing? It seems others on the forum are using the FS-H200 Pro with the XLH1A.

Thanks in advance for the feedback.

Ed Roo July 14th, 2010 08:06 AM

I just purchased and receive my -CF Pro last week.

I asked the same question (B&H video department) and was told that the -CF Pro is tailored specifically to the Canon frame rates.

I haven't tried it yet, I just finished reading the manual yesterday and adjusted all the settings to what I want.

A post was made yesterday that Focus Enhancements has been purchased, which aleves my concerns about an orphan product. I need to contact them and find out if there are any firmware updates.

Dave Heltzel July 15th, 2010 08:14 AM

Well, on the Focus Enhancements website, there is a difference in recording modes which is stated on the righthand side of the page for each product. It looks to be and if that is indeed the only difference, I can't believe they are charging $300 more. Slap a big mfg's name on it in the product title and there you go! I think Canon should offer a rebate on the FS-CF Pro when purchasing one of their HDV cameras...I'd buy an extra one!

Ed Roo July 15th, 2010 06:09 PM

The new Focus Enhancements website has been update.
I downloaded the FS-CF Pro Update
I followed the instruction in the manual and updated the firmware without difficulties.
The only question I had was the instruction to copy the file to the rood directory with no explanation as to how to identify the root directory.

I read on anther post about how to modify the FS-5 holder to attach to a Bracket 1 and am having a machinist friend perform the necessary work.

Ed Roo August 4th, 2010 07:45 PM

I shot some footage with my HV-20 feeding into the FS-CF Pro last week.
When I downloaded it and looked at it, the resolution is 160x90.
I had the recorder set to HDV and Quicktime
What setting do I need to get the fully 1080i resolution?
The OPERATION menu on the FS-CF Pro does not match the image in the manual (different settings available).

Dave Burckhard August 11th, 2010 08:40 AM

Dave, there may be more to the CF version than just frame rate accommodations. While I haven't checked the specs for Canon, I have used the Focus DTE made specifically for another camera, the JVC 110. While the special model made exclusively for the JVC looked and had specs similar to the FS models, I discovered over time that the JVC specific DTE also talked to the JVC so that the camera could read and display useful DTE information that the general FS product could not. The DTE also adjusted itself to accommodate different settings that I made on the camera. The generic DTE would require me to dive into the DTE menu and make adjustments.

I would pay a premium if Focus Enhancements would make a Sony HVR specific version of its FS-5. By doing so, I wouldn't have to set the DTE recording mode to SYNCHRO every time I turn it on or everytime I wake it from its sleep state (A real pain in the butt). It would also record in 30p rather than only in 60i. It would also show me remaining recording time and remaining battery power of the DTE in my camera viewfinder. As is, however, I'm OK with my recorder.

I believe you are paying $300 more for your Focus Enhancement for connectivity and features you may not be aware of just yet.


Ed Roo August 13th, 2010 10:03 PM

FS-CF PRO considerations.
Three weeks ago I purchased a FS-CF PRO.
Two weeks ago I went out for a week to shoot aviation content.
I saved the recorded video in QuickTime format.
Last week I tried to import the QT video into Final Cut Express and iMovie.
I got error messages that stated in effect that they could not read the files. (Audio only, no video.)
I could not open the files with QuickTime 7.6.6 PRO. (Audio only, no video.)
I called Focus Enhancement Tech Support.
The Focus Enhancement License with Apple will only allow the created QT files to be read with FCS 6 and above.
My call to Apple Tech Support advised me to use a free conversion program, but that program would not open the QT files.
The only app that I could even view the created QT files with was VLC Player.
I just purchased and loaded FCS with FCP 7. Works fine!
So here I am three weeks and $2500 later with a solution I had hoped to accomplish for half the price. At some point in the future I would have purchased FCS, I just wasn't planning on it this early.
I have yet to try saving the video as m2t files. From what I have read on these forums, the process is to use ClipWrap and convert them before importing to FCP.

Mestizo Devon August 14th, 2010 10:51 PM

Maybe too late now, but mpeg streamclip will work to transcode clips!

Ed Roo August 15th, 2010 08:32 AM

Mpeg Streamclip was the software that Apple suggested.
It wouldn't read the QT file video.
As with QT Pro, it displayed audio only.
Is there something to the Mpeg Streamclip setup/references I need to do to open the file correctly?

Mestizo Devon August 15th, 2010 08:32 PM


Not really, you should be able to view the footage with this software. I use it to transcode 5dmkii files as well as m2t files.

Stephen F. Bodi August 21st, 2010 09:49 AM

I am on the fence about purchasing either the canon FS-CF or the FS-H200 . On paper the specs appear to be exactly the same. The only real difference if there is extra communication between the canon version and canon cameras would be a slightly different firmware. The hardware appears to be identical. I can't justify spending $300 extra on the unit for a firmware tweak. I have been using a sony MRC-1K with both my XHA1 and my XLH1 . It has worked perfectly with both cameras at all frame rates. It uses sony rechargeable camcorder batteries (the smallest one give me 3 hours of record time). I need a second recorder for 2 camera shoots. I have looked at the datavideo DN-60's specs and am not that happy with them. I sent in a request for a demo unit for testing out but it will be weeks before that will happen and I need a second CF recorder before fashion week. I am going to B&H on sunday to try and get some straight answers on what the differences are between FS-CF and FS-H200 units. I will post what I find out here on this thread.

Stephen F. Bodi August 31st, 2010 09:50 AM

judging by the FS-H200 I tried out...
I ended up deciding to get a Sony MRC1K instead. First off i had such a vile experience at the pro video department at B&H with two different sales people that I will NEVER purchase any pro video gear from that store ever again. My other purpose for going there was to ask questions about the Convergent Design Nanoflash recorder. When I get my pennies together to get one it will be somewhere else. Went to Adorama after that. Had a long wait in the queue, but was treated very nicely by the guys in the video dept there. They had a used FS-H200 there for sale. They let me take it out of the box and test it with my XHA1 that I brought into the store. I could not get the damn thing to work with my camera. Also, the price is deceiving . You still have to pay extra money for mounting options etc... plus it has a proprietary battery pack that costs about 100 to 110 dollars (canon might be charging more). You get about 2 hours of record time on that battery. There are no high capacity batteries because the battery is an internal that only comes in one size. As far as I can tell , the only differences between the canon branded version and the fs-h200 is the firmware. The hardware appears completely identical same thing about the "pro" version as well. I had read somewhere that you could send in your basic model to be upgraded to "pro" for $300 at Focus Enhancement. If this is true you are only paying extra cash for slightly different firmware on the same hardware. The unit itself is light but feels bulky and kind of cheaply manufactured. I am pretty surprised that Canon would take the lazy route and license hardware from Focus Enhancements instead of making their own hardware. The Sony MRC1K comes with a shoe mount, but no battery. You can use standard Sony NPF batteries with it. There tons of cheap NPF compatible aftermarket batteries available and you can shoot pretty much all day on npf750. which you can find for as little as 30 dollars.It can also handle cards as slow as 133x for shooting HDV. I am still trying to get my hands on a Datavideo DN-60 evaluation unit to try out.

Mestizo Devon August 31st, 2010 03:54 PM

the focus enhancements/canon units do come with mounting gear.
It does work pretty good with the xha1s, you can control the unit with the camera record button.
The pro version is expensive, I opted for this to log data and control the unit wireless. You can also view
proxy clips on the unit, no sound though. Again it is expensive for these "features"
The canon version gives you progressive frame rates. You will need Fast cards.
Good luck

David Stembridge March 10th, 2011 09:53 PM

Re: judging by the FS-H200 I tried out...
Stephen, how has it been with your Sony MRC1K?
I have been looking at the Focus FS-CF.... but honestly, still have an old Firestore FS4HD, with the internal IDE drive that has a dead battery, which focus no longer has, and basically, it is non usable. I have been a little concerned about this happening with the FS-CF. I saw a few reviews on the Sony, and was just wondering how your experience had been,


Originally Posted by Stephen F. Bodi (Post 1564608)
I ended up deciding to get a Sony MRC1K instead. ....

Michael Garrigues July 3rd, 2011 06:16 PM

Re: FS-H200 Pro vs. FS-CF Pro?
What really interests me in the FS-CF Pro is the ability to record proxy files simultaneously with the full rez files. If I'm having to spend an extra $300 to make sure my unit communicates well with my Canon XHA1, I'll reluctantly fork it over (pretty lame expensive for a firmware upgrade, I could buy FCPX for that!)

I asked FS support about the proxies and here's what they said:

"The proxy files are 478 x 269 pixels, 708 Kbps, MPEG-4 (part 2)."
The proxy records in whatever wrapper you've chosen for your files like Quicktime.

"Yes the proxy files record to the CF card, you can simply drag and drop them to another hard drive with a computer, you can also view the proxy files on the screen of the FS-CF Pro"

I can hand off these proxy files to clients immediately so they can create EDLs for me to cut the full rez files.
I asked if the proxy files had timecode embedded, but the answer was vague and I'll take it as a "No". I can still get EDLs accurate to the second with the standard time in the QT file.
This is a huge time saver for me. On my first job if I don't have to create a lower-rez proxy for a client that's worth the extra $ right there.
Bummer the 32 and 64GB CF cards are pretty expensive though.

Michael g.
foglifter media

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